Katherine Napier

  • Based In: Southeast England
  • Also Serving: Southeast England
  • Services: Baby Blessings/Namings, Funerals/Memorials, Rites of Passage, Spiritual Counselling/Accompaniment, Weddings
  • Ordained In: 2013

Katherine Napier

I work with people. People who have a faith, people who don’t, people who’ve lost faith, or their connection with their birth tradition, people who aren’t interested in faith, but are aware that there is more to life than getting and spending, and who want to connect with that ‘more’, whatever it is for them. I work with people to help them access, explore, discover their relationship with the God of their own understanding,

so that they can live and love more fully

so that they can celebrate the wonders of their life

so that they can honour the special moments in their life

so that they can hold their joys and griefs as gifts

so that they can see things more clearly

so that they can love themselves and others more dearly

so that they can follow their true path more nearly

day by day

That journey might be towards you and I crafting a ceremony together which will beautifully express your feelings and wishes around a blessing – of a baby, a wedding or a marriage, or a funeral farewell to a loved one, or a significant life event which should not pass without due acknowledgement. It might be a more private journey: you and I, in the loving presence of the Divine, moving towards a greater understanding of your being, a deeper awareness of your wholeness, a clearer knowledge of your connection and belonging.