Melanie Elliston

  • Based In: Northwest England
  • Also Serving: Northwest England
  • Services: Baby Blessings/Namings, Funerals/Memorials, Rites of Passage, Spiritual Counselling/Accompaniment, Weddings
  • Ordained In: 2010

Melanie Elliston

I am passionate about the varied elements of my work and how my different skills, experience and areas of interest weave together to honour and celebrate life and support others. My own inspiration is from my connection to nature, in earth-based spirituality, but esoteric and mystical aspects of all faith traditions also resonate with me. I can work with you whether you have a defined faith, if you have none or if you have a personal mix of spiritual self expression.

CELEBRANT: I recognise simple ritual and ceremony is a fundamental way of helping us find our individual meaning in life, of making sense of the world and of every life event both small and large. It inspires us and connects us to each other and to the ‘Mystery’ which we relate to in our own personal way. I can work with you to create personal ceremonies and rituals for any happening in your life (beginnings, transitions and endings); I also create seasonal celebrations throughout the cycle of the year.

Naming Ceremony Testimonial: “It’s no exaggeration to claim there’d have been no event without you. From extracting and gathering ideas and thoughts from my disorganised head to moulding and firming them so they were transformed into a successful celebratory event and of course, finally, preparing the room so beautifully and perfectly it made me cry! … It was absolutely exactly how I imagined it to be…”

SOUL-CENTRED COUNSELLING: For all life challenges, crises, changes and deeper self-inquiry. Spiritual companionship, loving support and appropriate challenge for you to connect to your innate wisdom for your personal growth.

‘SEXUALITY WITH SOUL’: Workshops and counselling for individuals and couples and groups on the ‘sacredness’ of sexual being and its earthly and spiritual expression. Opportunities for safe personal exploration for women (in relationship or not) and re-enchanting committed relationships.

‘DOULA’ FOR BIRTH AND DYING: Support and accompaniment for reclaiming your experience and empowering yourself; leading to trust of the process and acceptance of the outcome.

CREATIVE WORKSHOPS: For seasonal celebrations and connection to nature’s cycle.