Ola Agbaimoni

  • Based In: Greater London
  • Also Serving: Greater London
  • Services: Baby blessings/Namings, Funerals/Memorials, Health/Healing/Wellness, Rites of Passage, Spiritual Counselling/Accompaniment, Weddings
  • Ordained In: 2006

Ola Agbaimoni

For anyone struggling to find a way to express their desire to connect with the deepest knowing of self and others; or to be connected in a world where difference and separations seem to be the dominant voice: Interfaith offers a path. Interfaith celebrates the fact that there is a simple core Truth in all faiths, a message of Love and Truth. That we are ONE and that there is something beyond the physical that connects us as ONE.

My role as an Interfaith Minister is to provide the space for people to connect and explore ways of expressing their love and their truth. I create services for life events (Births, Weddings, Funerals and other transitions) for people of all faiths and none, built on inclusion and acceptance.

Through spiritual counselling, I help fellow travellers as they journey along their personal spiritual path.

I provide support if you get wary, direction if you are unsure of the way or I am simply a companion to share our hearts as we enjoy the experience together.