Peter Fairbrother

  • Based In: Central & Southern Scotland
  • Also Serving: Central & Southern Scotland
  • Services: Baby Blessings/Namings, Ceremonies & Rituals, Chaplaincy, Funerals/Memorials, Health/Healing/Wellness, Inspirational Talks, Legal Weddings in Scotland, Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching, Remote Services, Spiritual Counselling/Accompaniment
  • Ordained In: 2016

Peter Fairbrother

A calling to love, to self-care, from the inside out.

I’m very aware that ‘ministry’ and ‘Minister’ are terms laden with an array of associations for many people, so I’d like to begin by sharing with you my understanding of ministry. I believe that each of us ‘minister’. You and I. We minister when we care for ourselves. We minister when we reach out and care for others. We minister when we truly see ourselves and each other outwith the artifice of ego. We minister when we live life with an open heart.

As a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, I serve with the intention of nurturing awareness of the importance of self-care, for it is in loving and caring for our self that we develop our capacity to love and care for others. I hold a diverse ministry, serving a wide range of people through spiritual counselling and pastoral accompaniment, worship services, and sacred ceremonies (including legal weddings in Scotland).

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