Rita Devi Mitra

  • Also Serving: Eastern England, Greater London
  • Services: Baby blessings/Namings, Ceremonies & Rituals, Coaching, Creative Workshops, Funerals/Memorials, Health/Healing/Wellness, Inspirational Talks, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, Rites of Passage, Spiritual Counselling / Accompaniment, Weddings, Workshop/Retreat Facilitator
  • Ordained In: 1998

Rita Devi Mitra

I hope to inspire and support you on your inner journey towards personal and spiritual growth. To share with you why spiritual counselling, coaching, grief, mourning and mindfulness are a beneficial part of that process. I am an ordained Interfaith Minister and Celebrant and I can support and guide you and your loved ones to create and host a variety of sacred ceremonies and rituals, that mark important life events, milestones, celebrations and rites of passage. As a spiritual counsellor and coach, I hold a warm, compassionate and deep sacred space. I facilitate and guide people across the bridge from grief, loss and fear to love. When we grieve and mourn our heartbreaks, wounds and losses, we are then able to live and love fully. As a celebrant, I specialise in conducting non-denominational, spiritual, humanist, same-faith, no-faith, and interfaith ceremonies that reflect what is most meaningful to you and that honour your own values, beliefs and culture. My ethnicity is Asian Indian and my cultural heritage is largely influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism. I respect all paths. My personal path is – ‘The Path of Holy Love’.


  1. How do you put into words what a presence a mystic spirit guide can bring into your, way too small, vision of yourself and catapult you into an awakening? All the while recognising the problem with the identifying words as they themselves limit what is really going on with and around Rita. There isn’t any set of words that work really for such a spiritual life guide. Rita is not afraid of the deep end of one’s soul. If you want to dive there, let Rita be your lifeguard. I have brought terrifying shadows to Rita and we have sat together as I faced the unspeakable. With her grace and guidance, I have faced the most challenging truths about myself, gifts ultimately but formerly enshrouded in grief and loss now named, set me free to be the brave being I long to be. This journey with such real love and fun too, embodied in Rita, will be an outstanding feature of a life’s work: as an artist, as a dreamer, as a lover. As I write this I am filled with gratitude.

  2. Rita is an absolute gift to anyone who is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her. I’ve had a few counsellors and coaches and no one has helped me to take action like she has. It is thanks to her that I’ve realised some of my ambitions that I’d written off. If you choose to work with Rita she will champion you whilst lovingly and honestly challenging you to move from your comfort zone. Thank you so much Rita, you are a magical human and I’m so grateful for you.

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