Rona Golsworthy

Rona Golsworthy

Health & Spirituality 

I teach the Nourishing Life practices from Chinese Medicine, which can help cultivate and preserve good health or support a return to health. These ancient practices are elegant in their simplicity and a tonic for the stresses of the modern world. They can include movement (yoga & qigong), acupressure and self-massage, food as medicine, and practical daily life & seasonal recommendations which can help us to live more in tune with the natural world. I offer classes and training online and in person in Scotland and Australia.

Sometimes though the balance is lost, perhaps through shock, illness, loss, transitions and change, anxiety and worry, global uncertainty, perhaps we are caring for loved ones or working in a caring profession, perhaps exhausted. Maybe there is a loss of hope or meaning, a fallow time, or a longing…and it can feel like ‘a journey’ to return, renew, or transform. During these times I offer accompaniment, companionship on the path.

If you are interested in practical methods to approach your health as well as the numinous, if you have a hunch that your health and wellbeing are deeply connected to your own experience of the sacred or if you would like to explore your own relationship with the great mystery…then come on in.

Pathmaker there is no path, you make the path by walking, by walking you make the path. (Antonio Machado)