Sonya Leite

  • Based In: Greater London
  • Also Serving: Greater London
  • Services: Accredited OneSpirit Supervisor, Health/Healing/Wellness, Singing for the Heart & Spirit, Spiritual Counselling/Accompaniment, Supervision
  • Ordained In: 2002

Sonya Leite

My background and training are in the Arts, Bodywork, Vibrational  Sound Healing, Faith and non-faith-based Counselling and Supervision.

My purpose is to know all is well and to share that joy with others.

I have deep love for humanity and honour our willingness to forgive the past.  It gives me great joy to be in the presence of another human being who is searching for their true self and purpose.

Together we build trust as I support your own wisdom to generate the courage to balance and create the life and work you are developing.

A  life that gives you meaning, aliveness and full participation. Your relationship with your Self, your Self-Acceptance and your Self-Love is where healing begins and how you generate freedom from within.

As I listen to you, the ways you engage with your life’s purpose are revealed.  Allowing us to explore the flows and blocks of your life and to move you towards the path of your heart’s desire and Soul’s purpose.

There is a natural timing to expansion and I use a variety of tools to heal the past and integrate what you are yearning for with your daily experiences. Building your intuition and self-confidence to create and receive what you desire.


At an early age, I found that self-expression was a vital force in me and came naturally in the areas of acting, singing, and dancing.  Looking back it connected me to my Joy.  Exploring and interpreting the human condition in this way was inspiring.

I pursued a professional career in the Arts and eventually found that I wanted to go deeper in exploring who we are and why we are here.

What is the true Self is more than just our talents and qualifications. I wanted to explore the depth of being.  This set me on my path to uncover the Soul and Spirit of our human experience beyond our personality and conditioning. To awaken and live consciously through Spiritual principles and guidance.

I saw how stuck I had become in seeking approval from the world and wanted to connect with the love of Self, of God, of Humanity.

I embarked on several developmental trainings in the field of personal growth, meditation, and stress management while building a massage practice alongside my acting career.

I look forward to exploring and growing with you – thank you for your interest.

  • 2002  Ordained as an Inter–Faith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor.
  • 2005  certified as an EFT Practitioner
  • 2006  certified Nia Technique Fitness Instructor – Dance for the Mind Body and Spirit
  • 2007  Supervisor for One Spirit
  • 2017  Sound Healing