Suzanne Dance

Suzanne Dance

I am an ordained OneSpirit Interfaith Minister based in Edinburgh. I offer Spiritual Counselling and create Ceremonies for couples, as well as Ceremonies, Rituals and Workshops relating to restoring and healing our beloved Earth.

I am also an actor, facilitator and director. I work with a Theatre of the Oppressed Company called Active Inquiry working for Social Justice. I facilitate Shakti Theatre Company which is BAME women telling their stories and rebuilding their lives after Domestic Abuse.

I hope to be, like Hildegard, a feather on the breath of God/Goddess, Of the Divine, of the Mystery, of Love.

I have a passion for the Divine Feminine. and Embodied Spirituality, including honouring Sacred Sexuality, specifically Mary Magdalene, and her intimate sexual partnership with Jesus the Christ.

I have a vision of a rebalanced and restored peaceful, fresh, green and just world where women and girls, and all people, and beings, and the Earth Herself are healed and respected, safe and thriving. There is gender and racial justice and equality. Every living being is safe, warm, welcome, cherished, and alive.

I have created Sacred Theatre about Mary Magdalene. And about Loss and Grief and Death. And co-created Ceremonies and Workshops on ‘The Body and the Land’ and ‘For the Love of the Earth,’ to contribute to the transformation necessary to heal, rebalance, reconnect and re-wild myself, ourselves and our beloved Planet Home.