Month of ministry

On February 1st the “MonthofMinistry,” an initiative led and created by two of our Interfaith Ministers, Rev Sass Adams and Rev Jo Royle (in consultation with various other ministers), began! The purpose of the month was for any and all OneSpirit Ministers to post on their socials introducing themselves, their practices, and their services to the wider community. You can view a compilation of the posts this far on the OneSpirit Instagram page, which will direct you to each Minister’s own page.
To allow our community to learn more about Interfaith, Interfaith Ministry, and the various services that our Ministers offer, Rev Sass and Rev Jo created a list of prompts to inspire the posts for the #MonthofMinistry. Below are the Ministers who took part in the campaign, along with their response to one personal question.


Following where I’m guided to hold space and ceremony. I write about my everyday ministry in relationship with all of life.

#MonthOfMinistry: SUM UP THE MEANING OF LIFE IN ONE SENTENCE. Love… love… love… love… love…

My daughter told me ‘to love’ was the purpose of life when she was only 3 or 4 years old. To love others… including those who are difficult to love… To love ourselves… including the parts of ourselves that are difficult to love… To love our Earth and all beings… To recognise that we are Love… our nature is Love. Excited for a bright sunny fairy unwindy day… invoking Spring with my swallows scarf!’


🌟 Interfaith Minister, creatrix of Spiritunity, ’cause business is a spiritual journey, support for spiritual businesses and entrepreneurs.

‘Who ministers to the minister? In the strictest of responses, all ministers are required to undergo supervision, in the same way, therapists are required to go to therapy etc. My supervisor is someone I bring my baggage to in relation to my ministry, they are a supportive ear and a holder of space. But beyond this, I find that everything and everyone that surrounds me is my minister; every conversation I have throws a mirror up to my own world, and every encounter provides a connection to… Something. The world looks after me, the world is my cheerleader. Even the weeds and challenges of life provide a connection to my own humanness, and (forgive me for saying) connection to my own divinity. Trust, love and friendship are my ministers. My journal is my minister. I am never alone :)’


As a OneSpirit Minister, my ministry is broad and varied.  I’m a director on a couple of voluntary boards, I’m an advocate for people who may sometimes require support in voicing their needs.  I create and deliver life ceremonies and legally marry couples.  I’m also invested in raising peoples’ awareness of OneSpirit Ireland and its affiliation with OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in the UK.

‘I stumbled across this path over the last eight years. In the beginning, my focus was on celebrations of life. I invested in training that enabled me to develop and deliver professional child naming, wedding, vow renewal and funeral ceremonies. At the end of that training, I attended an information session on becoming a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister. In the opening of that info session, we had to mingle with the other people attending, stand in front of each person, look at them whilst stating…” I am here to be seen” and that person then responded by saying “I see you”. I remember being incredibly embarrassed because I was overcome with emotion and couldn’t stop crying. I’d spent over half a century ducking and diving in order not to be seen, and here I was at last, with willingness to be seen. I knew by the end of that afternoon that this path was the right one for me. The two years that followed were not easy ones but provided me with countless learning opportunities.

As a OneSpirit minister my ministry is broad and varied. I’m a director on a couple of voluntary boards, I’m an advocate for people who may sometimes require support in voicing their needs. I create and deliver life ceremonies, and I legally marry people. All of my life’s experience to-date helps me to meet people where they’re at. To see their light, and to do my best to be the light if someone is having difficulty in finding their way. The vow I took at ordination was “I vow to be a channel of peace and to treat everyone, without exception, with goodness and kindness.” I can truthfully tell you that much of that vow is relatively easy to uphold on a daily basis, if only it didn’t include “without exception” – that can sometimes be a real challenge. I’ll finish on this beautiful quote by Dr Wayne Dyer from his book ‘The Power of Intention’. 

“If you say with kindness in your voice and in your heart, “How may I serve you?”. The universe’s response will be, “How may I serve you as well?”.’


Reverend Julie is a freelance writer, poet, and no-dig gardener. She’s inspired by the wild Welsh landscape in which she lives.

#MonthOfMinistry What I would like my legacy to be?… What would yours be? How do we begin to consider our impact on the world (or rather our small corner of it) and then how we’d like to leave it once we’ve passed on. I think it’s the Hindus who believe in phases of life – that earlier adulthood is about family and business acquisition and that later life is about renouncing that and beginning to think of what to leave behind for future generations.

A worthwhile exercise to do if only to acknowledge that life can be short and we never know what’s around the corner or when ill health catches up and we realise we have less time than we thought. There is only ever the present and Getting On With It becomes more pertinent. The aim is to minimise regrets of things not done. I’m 60 this year so it’s a pertinent question, isn’t it? And yes I’ve thought of it before this question was posed as part of this month-long initiative. May I be remembered for being a friendly and loving person. May I have treated this land well and improved and respected its biodiversity as far as possible. May I have lived abundantly recognising that I have and am enough just as I am. May I have had a tapestry of experiences to sit and remember fondly from my rocking chair in the peace of great old age. May I have lived with enthusiasm, curiosity and awe!’


Ordained in 2010 after 2 years of remarkable seminary training which I will never forget. Since then I have focused on supporting people in my nursing career and by performing unique funeral services for people of many different beliefs. My belief is that to survive and thrive worldwide we need to understand that we are all one and all equal. Help whenever and wherever we can.

#MonthOfMinistry My favourite poem…I am not a big fan of poetry, however, a line from a poem can move me immensely. Philip Larkin and what our parents do to us, Dylan Thomas going not gently, W.H. Auden stopping all the clocks and many others come to mind. At funerals, I often suggested this poem and I choose it today because it brought comfort to many people and it may bring comfort to you as well.

Afterglow, a Poem by Helen Lowrie Marshall (adapted by me):

I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one. I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when today is done. I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways; Of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun; Of happy memories that I leave when the day is done.’


As an Interfaith Celebrant, I am committed to creating unique Ceremonies that are right for you.

‘During the month of February, I hope to join my lovely OneSpirit Interfaith friends and share more about who I am as an Interfaith Celebrant. Each day, we have a prompt, and we are invited to respond. So – I know, it’s day 2 … so, here are 2 responses from me (kind of typical – late for the first, on time for the 2nd!!).

Day 1 – This is Me – here I am with my lovely dog, Glen, up a hill. Where I most love to be! And, here I am, an Interfaith Celebrant, loving ALL that I do. I am here, hoping to bring love, calm, joy and harmony to all whose journeys I share.

Here, I am, so very grateful to have found this most wonderful work. Day 2 – My Favourite Quote – ‘There’s a quiet light that shines in every heart …’ John O’Donohue’


Interfaith minister, exercise & yoga teacher, and well-being coach

‘WHAT I WISH I’D KNOWN SOONER… Today’s #MonthOfMinistry prompt has been another “opportunity” to disappear down the rabbit hole of sentiment and regret. And… AND the opportunity to come back up for air and flip the prompt right out of the pan! I wish I’d known that I’d be strong enough, smart enough, and good enough just as I am I wish I’d known that life is an adventure, a journey of discovery, to be lived wholeheartedly and not in fear.

And I wish I’d known that I would lose precious people, so that I could have really cherished them – a deep bow of gratitude to all those no longer here with me physically, in particular Alison, Marian, and Christine. And yet… I am learning not to wish for the past to have been different, and not to yearn for what I didn’t know. Instead, I am opening my heart to what is, I’m un-becoming all I am not, letting go of altered images inhabiting my authentic self…’


Daoist Monk & Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Companion/ Guide, Creator of the Arts For Awakening™ online program, Intuitive Artist, Published Author.

#MonthOfMinistry Today’s prompt asks ‘What direction is my ministry going in?’ Answer: A creative one! Developing, and continuing to evolve, my online Arts For Awakening ™ programme is my ministry, it is my absolute JOY. Spirituality and creativity are akin to each other, lean into one and you will find the other. Want to unleash your creativity to deepen your Spirituality? I am here to help you do just that- you will be amazed by the results.

Want to expand and explore your current Spiritual practice to enhance your creativity? I am here to support you to go deep, to push your growth edge and to emerge creatively into a new version of yourself. Want to experiment with art as prayer? I am here to guide you through your experimentation and expansion. Art is my ministry. DM me to find out how I can support you on your own journey of deepening, expanding and growing…’


Nature Connection Guide and Interfaith Minister in the Scottish Highlands.

‘Interfaith ministers are still a bit of a rare breed and to help spread the word about who we are, what we do and what we stand for fellow Interfaith Ministers and I will talk a bit more on our social channels about our ministry during the month of February. Look out for the #monthofministry hashtag for a glimpse of our lives and work. I will share both here and on my other account @allthecoloursofthenorth, where I focus on my nature connection and nature spirituality work.

Our prompt today is ‘This is me’… so who am I? I am a European in the Scottish Highlands, originally from Austria, a few years shy of having lived in the UK half my life. I live on a woodland croft with my husband and son, 2 dogs and 3 cats, close to the mountains and the sea. My work is a mosaic of ceremonies, taking people out to connect to nature, project management in Social Media, and I also do a fair share of volunteering, as an Honorary Chaplain at a university, a telephone be-friender and matching int’l students with Scottish hosts for cultural exchange. I am also a home educator, an avid reader, a night owl, a passionate listener, and a talker… lots to explore this coming month!’


Interfaith Minister, celebrant & sacred journalist. Offering reiki, spiritual accompaniment, ceremonies, rituals & inspirational videos from the heart.

#MonthOfMinistry, What brings me joy? Joy flows when I live in the moment, appreciating tiny details. There is a sense of awe & wonder which opens my heart chakra, and I feel incredibly humbled & grateful. I am very lucky to be able to experience the Earth in a healthy body with all my senses.

I appreciate our time here is short, so I want to experience everything in glorious technicolour. Flowing with Divine Love, hanging out with my guides in meditation, contemplation & prayer, fills me with such joy, knowing I’m lovingly guided and blessed by revelations aiding my soul growth.

Hugs, laughter, being a mum; adventures & travel with family & friends bring me such joy. Meeting new people lights me up, recognising synchronicities & deep soul connections. Overcoming obstacles & fears brings relief and joy. Bravely acting on dreams and making them a reality brings so much satisfaction and joy too. Being immersed in nature brings me such joy. Sunrises & sunsets. Bird song. I love to sing, paint, draw & create videos. Big vistas when standing on mountain tops or watching the waves crashing onto rocks. Paddling in the sea, visiting holy springs, sacred stone circles & Neolithic long barrows. Divine Love imbues all things: where there is pleasure, passion & purpose there is joy.’


Celebrating life, love & loss.

#MonthOfMinistry, Who do I work with? As an ordained Interfaith Minister and skilled listener, I am able to deliver any spiritual or religious content in your ceremony with authority and gravitas. Compassionate counsellor and minister, I am able to hold and support people through the most emotionally charged times of their lives. Whether welcoming a newborn, making commitments as a couple in love, or saying your final farewells, it is an honour for me to help you.’


Holistic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Ancient Wisdom, Spiritual Psychology, Compassionate Living, Deepening Consciousness, Awakening.

How I nourish my spiritual self: I get asked this a lot and I always try to help clients find tools and practices that work for them. Everyone is different and what feels nourishing for one person can feel like an absolute chore to someone else. So, this is by no means a list of things I think everyone should do. Just things that I know work for me.

The cornerstone of my spiritual practice is meditation and mindfulness. I have a formal practice (sitting for a specific amount of time) as well as informal, which means trying to be present and mindful throughout the day as much as I can. This used to feel completely impossible but now I’m able to be present more often than not, which is a wonderful feeling! Another cornerstone for me is yoga and exercise.

I also love poetry. And books. Reading spiritual texts and teachings is how I connect with and allow myself to be inspired by other people’s wisdom. I also study advaita vedanta, which is the ancient Indian teaching of non-duality central to Buddhist, Hindu and yoga philosophy. Other things that nourish me are my work, conversations with like-minded people, nature walks and the odd retreat.’


Ceramic artist and interfaith minister. Making like our ancestors, one coil at a time. Selected member of CPA. For workshops visit my website shop.

‘I get asked a lot if I’m really a Reverend. I’m not a follower of any named faith, but I am an ordained Interfaith minister which enables me to use this title. My immersive training (a hands-on grounding in the breadth of world religions combined with a deep psycho-spiritual process) focussed on crafting sacred ceremonies and accompanying others on their spiritual journey, irrespective of background or path.  Spiritual inclusivity. A lot of us are celebrants crafting funerals, weddings and other sacred ceremonies. Some work with the dying and bereaved. Many are musicians, artists and creatives, weaving the sacred into our creative practice. Some are gardeners, medical practitioners, and therapists. We come from differing faith backgrounds and have taken individual vows of spiritual service. There’s more on my training with OSIF through @bringittothealtar. You can see more of how others see their ministry #MonthOfMinistry. Mine has been partly through working with the bereaved and with the Samaritans and now sits most comfortably in just being myself and doing my ceramics.

Working with this beautiful material enables me to express my relationship with our planet and community through form and surface. The magic of material, touch and vision. I follow that as authentically as I can and love the conversations it brings. Don’t be shy to bring your questions here or at a workshop. It’s all good, welcome stuff for exploring. And yes, that’s me burnishing! Come to a workshop and we can make and talk.’


Ordinierte interspirituelle Seelsorgerin (OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation). Spirituelle Begleitung, Segens- und Abschiedsfeiern. (sie/she).

‘My faith path – a climax: When I was fourteen years old, I had (of course in the bathtub! ) an experience that helped me become an interspiritual therapist decades later. In a bright flash of realization, I realized that all the religious
and spiritual ways of the world are each facet of a great, beautiful diversity.

I realized that all religions were human-designed (and can be abused by humans) – and that the Divine is so unimaginably different, that we may never be able to fully grasp it during our physical life on this earth. G*tt has many names – but one is valid in all languages of the world. His name is Love. From this realization, my logo is also designed. It unites the heart, as a symbol of divine love, with the Celtic Triquetra. It can be interpreted as a unit of a trinity, as Christianity does and has already happened in older religions, for example in the worship of the matrons in Roman antiquity. For me, but also generally, the symbol represents diversity – and the fact that there is usually more than just one “either-or” in life. I often wear the piece of jewelry you see in the pictures. My ordination date is engraved on the back tiny. This is how I am always reminded of this blessed day when I wore it too of course.’


Interfaith Minister, celebrant & sacred journalist. Offering reiki, spiritual accompaniment, ceremonies, rituals & inspirational videos from the heart.

#MonthOfMinistry What would I like my legacy to be? The final question! Thanks for hanging out with me this month. I’d like my legacy to be a life lived with passion. A legacy of heart-following, of adventure, of making and seeing magic. I hope one day I’ll be able to look back and know that I made a thousand special days more special for the people living them. Not just weddings and marriages, but days of death and mourning and remembering, and rites of passage.

I hope my legacy is one of generosity and creativity. I hope people think I had good stories to tell and told stories well.’


OneSpirit Minister on the Isle of Skye, offering weddings throughout the Scottish Highlands.

#MonthOfMinistry, What I’d like my legacy to be…

♥️ a life lived with love and passion, a light in the darkness, a legacy of kindness & joy.

It would be nice if I was remembered for being true to myself, genuine and passionate about helping others. 

So that’s all folks, thanks for liking my posts and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about what I do and who I am. Peace and love to each and every one of you.’


OneSpirit Minister on the Isle of Skye, offering weddings throughout the Scottish Highlands.

#MonthOfMinistry, What I’d like my legacy to be…
♥️ a life lived with love and passion
🤍 a light in the darkness
😍 a legacy of kindness & joy

It would be nice if I was remembered for being true to myself, genuine and passionate about helping others. ✌️

So that’s all folks, thanks for liking my posts and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about what I do and who I am. Peace and love to each and every one of you 🕊️♥️✌️🤍’


A OneSpirit Interfaith Minister – Celebrations, Ceremonies, Healing & Inspiration

#MonthOfMinistry, The Direction my Ministry is moving… Not surprisingly my ministry is heading down the route to healing the soul – deep down I have known this, way before I started studying and researching, but it is only recently when allowing myself to flow into my ministry I realised that there is a sacred thread that runs through the ceremony of any kind that allows healing and therefore ceremonies of any nature is where my ministry is flowing.

There is however a continuous exploration of how I will practice the healing flow in the ceremony. I offer healing ceremonies as well as weddings, baby blessings, vow renewals and all rites of passage and each of these fill my heart and soul with love and joy.’

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