OneSpirit’s Operations Manager Role

Feb 7, 2024

Interested in working with us?

Ready to be the backbone of a flourishing education charity? OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation is seeking a driven Operations Manager to lead operations across the UK and Ireland.

Join our vibrant, home-based team to inspire collaborative efforts that broadcast our charitable missions. This role transcends the usual employee-employer accord; we’re seeking someone ready to transform their career into a purpose-driven endeavour.

If you’re passionate about community building and keen on embracing a remote work environment for positive change, consider joining us at OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation!

Main purpose and responsibilities

The Operations Manager will lead in managing and developing the operational business functions of the organisation to support the successful expression of OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation’s charitable aims.

Scope of the job

OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation operates across the UK and Ireland. We are a remote team, meaning there is no central ‘head’ office, and all staff work from home. You will report to the Executive Director, and the role will involve close liaison with all other staff and faculty. This home-working post requires a fast broadband connection and a space suitable for a home office. All staff are expected to provide their own IT equipment including a computer suitable for the role’s demands.

Key responsibilities

  • Ensure that the organisation’s statutory and regulatory duties are observed and that strategic and operational objectives are clear, timely, relevant and implemented by Board decisions.
  • Support the Board of Trustees by providing timely, relevant and clear information, and support the Executive Director and Chair in further developing the Board and its role.
  • Ensure that staff structure and accountabilities develop in line with the business needs so that all members of staff understand their key roles and objectives.
  • Ensure that an appropriate risk management policy is in place and that the risk register is maintained and regularly reviewed.
  • Lead the development, implementation and regular review of organisational policies and procedures in line with best practices and regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, including employment and equality legislation and accepted good practice.
  • Lead on the development of job descriptions and contracts for employed staff and self-employed consultants and review as necessary, while developing effective recruitment processes in line with best practice.
  • Ensure the smooth operation of an effective and transparent complaints process.
  • Develop and maintain a supportive, collaborative and empowered culture across the organisation while ensuring policies are applied fairly for all staff.
  • Be responsible for leading on health and safety at work, data protection and safeguarding.
  • Ensure the team has full administrative and operational support from the central office function in contracting venues for training and retreats, maintaining student records and communicating with students.
  • Develop and support staff to achieve high performance in line with strategic goals and priorities, ensuring the staff team is configured to meet business needs.
  • Ensure the organisation is equipped with suitable infrastructure, including information technology, appropriate knowledge management systems and databases, and internal communications and collaboration platforms, to ensure effective working across a dispersed team.
  • Liaise with the Community Development Lead and Executive Director in developing and implementing measures to support the quality assurance and standing of the professional register representing graduate ministers and solemnisers.
  • Work with the Executive Director and the Communications & Marketing Lead to deliver an effective marketing strategy, with regular reviews against agreed benchmarks to maximise return on investment.
  • Ensure that OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation communications platforms, including website, newsletters, social media and digital communication streams, are appropriately resourced and effective in reaching target audiences.
  • Work with the Communications & Marketing Lead to ensure brand guidelines are adhered to consistently in all communications.
  • Other duties as commensurate with the post and in response to organisational needs

Apply here

Closing date: Sunday 3rd March 2024

Interviews will be held around mid-March

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