El Gleeson

El Gleeson

I love to create beautiful and meaningful Ceremonies that empower the Sacredness of each person to blossom during: the Joy of Weddings; the Wonderment of Baby Naming; the Leap of Courage in such diverse transitions we embrace; and the Heartbreak of the Final Crossing Over.

I facilitate healing opportunities which can involve Reiki, Reflexology, Walking in Nature, Sitting over a Cuppa, but most importantly you having somebody that listens to You as you find the answers within. Giving you the time to sit in your Sacredness, to embrace your Divine Spark that will Light Your Way.

I am here to serve you in whatever way you feel called for me to be part of your journey. I bring my love of God, the uniqueness of each person, my love of life, creation, what is good and true from the Christian tradition, Native Indian and Celtic Spirituality, the way of Labyrinths, the dancing of the moon, the joy and lament of the seasons of nature mirroring the seasons of life we all encounter.

I live in the country where my heart is at home with my companions

Juno, Kona and Tutu.

Aw ho

Let it be so


More information: elgleesonsacredthresholds.com