Gerardine Lennon

Gerardine Lennon

Celebrating, commemorating, and contemplating life’s milestones from the cradle to the grave… for those of all faiths and none. Together selecting poems, readings, and prayers to reflect the sacred intention of the ceremony and beliefs and hopes of those involved. Co-creating a unique sacred ceremony and ritual for you and your witnesses.

Life’s milestones can also bring up some emotional baggage (this is natural) and I deeply care and love being of spiritual and psychological support to those seeking this. In awakening this, we explore options to bring peace and reconciliation. This is called the ministry of spiritual accompaniment.

My life’s journey has been one of spiritual enquiry. I work at Lough Lannagh Village ( which hosts groups, families, and individual on holiday, for sports bootcamp as well as a conferences and religious and non-religious retreats. I was encouraged to become an inter faith minister by several guests who said: “You are doing this work anyway”.

A retreat organiser wrote “She understands sacred space and inner healing from the inside out.”

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