Tim McGrath

Tim McGrath

Hello, my name is Tim McGrath and I’m from Dublin Ireland.

I am an ordained One Spirit minister, musician, and celebrant. I offer spiritual counseling, but my preferred term is companionship. I have, for the last six years, performed all types of ceremonies, from weddings, baby namings, to funerals. I find it a huge privilege and honour to be chosen to lead these wonderful occasions.

As a drummer/ percussionist for the last thirty years, I have been lucky enough, blessed actually, to have toured the world. I have seen the huge benefit that rhythm has on one’s psyche. For myself having a rhythmic pulse during meditation has been transformative. I would now like to run guided meditations here in Dublin and further afield employing this wonderful technique.

I am also very drawn to spiritual companionship/counselling. I believe that there is a bond between us and the divine that is always there it is never broken, and it is a huge honour for me to help re-establish that bond for anyone who stands before me. I look forward to hearing from you.

As a newly ordained Minister, my ministry is multifaceted. I am here to guide you through the roller-coaster of bringing life into the world, I am here to help you celebrate your love for another human being, and I am here to help you traverse the sorrow that loss can bring. All the above will be approached with love, reverence, and compassion.

I am also there to help you to find ‘You’ again. To help you reestablish a connection to the divine energy that guides us all. It never goes away it’s always there, guiding us, even when we think it is not so. This companionship is a huge honour for me. You will be held in a non-judgmental, loving, and respectful healing environment, my heart.

Peace, blessings, and love Tim