OneSpirit Moves All 2020 Introduction Days Online

May 11, 2020

Every year, we hold ‘Introduction Days’ for any interested parties, potential students and soul seekers. These events are hosted by out faculty and current student body alongside staff, and therefore a perfect opportunity to meet those who might be supporting your OneSpirit journey further down the line, to get a taste of our teaching approach, and share your spiritual journey so far with like-minded individuals.

There is no charge to attend, nor are you entering into any expectations or commitments for further training – we’d simply love to meet you and offer an insight into our training opportunities.

Our introduction Days are usually held around the country, and we had some beautiful venues lined up for our 2020 sessions this year. However, in light of the restrictions of the UK lockdown currently in place, there was uncertainty that we may not be able to host events such as these for the foreseeable future.

We really feel our introduction days are a spiritual landmark for all involved, so we’re happy to confirm that our programme of scheduled Intro Days for 2020 will be going ahead, but in light of the advice regarding social distancing, we have taken the decision to run all of our Intro Days for 2020 as online events.

We’ll be sorry not to have the opportunity to meet you in person, but our online Intro Days have proven a great success so far! There are a series of dates available for you to explore and sign up to – please view them below and register at the earliest opportunity!

Saturday 4th July 2020
Saturday 8th August 2020
Saturday 22nd August 2020
Sunday 6th September 2020
Saturday 19th September 2020


If you have already signed up for one of these intro days, we will be contacting you by email with further details about how to join us online. You can also check each event page for information as we will keep this updated.

If you have any queries, please contact us here and we’ll get back to you. For more information about our response to COVID-19 – please see our statement here>>

(Requirements for online events: to be able to take part you will need a computer or other device with a stable internet connection, camera, speaker (or headphones), and microphone. Full instructions will be sent about how to access the webinar).

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