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What is ROSIM?

We are thrilled that you’re here to explore the dynamic community of the Register of OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers (ROSIM). ROSIM is a professional register that maintains the records of OneSpirit graduate ministers who yearn for accreditation and the unwavering support of the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, their alma mater.

Formerly known as the Registered Interfaith Ministers Association (RIMA), our primary objective is to create a robust, unified professional register under its members’ aspirations. Our mission unfolds in three core aims:

  • Enhancing the visibility of our ministers in public-facing roles, and bolstering public trust through the existence of a professional body to whom those ministers are accountable.
  • Offering a platform for all graduates to demonstrate their support and affiliation for OneSpirit, an organisation they venerate.
  • Understanding the role ROSIM membership plays in the context of legal weddings in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, where ministers require approval from authorising entities.

Membership in ROSIM is founded on the confirmation of ministers’ ongoing dedication to their personal vows, ordination vows, adherence to OneSpirit’s code of ethics, meeting of supervision and ongoing learning requirements, securing professional indemnity insurance, and agreement to abide by OneSpirit’s complaints policy. If you feel the need to file a complaint against any of our registered ministers, we encourage you to refer to our distinct ROSIM Complaints Policy.

What are the benefits of joining ROSIM?

  • Accreditation as a ROSIM member – you will also be part of a collective that seeks to strengthen interfaith ministry globally. 
  • A dedicated profile page on our OneSpirit website found on the ‘Find a Minister‘ page
  • Opportunities to be featured in our ‘Minister Spotlight‘ segment: This includes showcasing your work on a special page on our website, getting highlighted in our monthly newsletter, and being promoted on our various social media platforms.
  • The chance to participate in the ‘Minister Connections‘ initiative. This serves as a platform for individuals who’ve collaborated with you on your offerings to post their work or testimonials about their experiences working with you. Their inputs will be featured on a unique page dedicated to such collaborations.
  • Access to a complaints process and support in the event of a client complaint, as long as a valid insurance policy is in place
  • Tax-deductible subscription fees, as recognised by HMRC.
  • Permission to use a specialised OneSpirit ROSIM logo and branding on your personal communications and socials, designed specifically for you! 
  • The opportunity to showcase your events in iConnect, the OneSpirit monthly newsletter, which is published on our website and emailed to our network of over 2,000+
  • Discounted access to Continuing Professional & Personal Development (CPPD)
  • Eligibility to access the legal wedding register in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the Republic of Ireland
  • A vast array of resources from our ministers, staff, and tutors, including poems, images, music, and a library of ceremonies crafted by ministers
  • Access to join specialised groups in our community, such as the Ethics and Standards Committee
  • Reduced rates for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance through the Balens Group
  • A community, unlike any other, where all are supportive and inspiring, seeking to empower you to make a difference in our ever-evolving world
  • Above all, by gaining recognition as a member minister within this prestigious professional community and working in cooperation with fellow ministers in service and accountability, you play a vital role in elevating the status of interfaith ministry and amplifying the importance of our endeavours to promote harmony in our multifaceted world.

Immerse yourself in the world of ROSIM and join our mission towards reshaping and enhancing the perception and appreciation of interfaith work.

Who are our ROSIM members?

In the vibrant tapestry that is OneSpirit, over 300 members bring their own threads of beauty, diversity, and uniqueness, weaving together to form our warm and inclusive community of Interfaith Ministers. Each member brings a story, a voice, and a distinct charisma that enriches the collective spirit of our assembly. Below are just a few of these remarkable individuals who serve as beacons of hope, interweaving faith and spirituality in the most inspiring ways. Simply hover over the images and click the arrows to scroll through the gallery. Find more on our Find a Minister page here.