Curious about what others have said?

If you have been contemplating our training, but are uncertain whether it suits your needs, take a look at the testimonials from our most recent students and ministers below! Please keep in mind that this training is an individual journey, and every student will come away with a unique perspective and experience. If you sense a calling, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be glad to answer any inquiries you might have!

I’ve enjoyed everything, but the introspection, and self-investigation, is the most important part of the journey. Without that, it would just be gaining knowledge. And the community… I’ve met so many beautiful, loving souls, and there has been this very strong sense of commitment, holding space for each other. I’ve really enjoyed that. – Kisser, 2023 Graduate

I have absolutely no regrets about undertaking this journey. Listen to your inner self and you will know if it’s right for you. The journey will challenge you, but I can tell you that your classmates, tutors, and staff are there with you all the way, and they will help guide you and empower you. This has been the best decision I have ever made. – Michael, 2023 Graduate

I have been torn apart and put back together humbled and stronger. – April, 2023 Graduate

I was drawn to the course due to my love of ceremony and diversity and my interest in counselling. My favourite thing has been the deep delving with my Peers and the relationships built with my study group. I have grown spiritually, healed hurts, and been supported to accept grief and loss of physical beings in my life. – Annie, 2022 Graduate

It’s a live course that meets you where you are at. It is profoundly life-changing and takes deep commitment. I have come into myself, profoundly. It’s let me give so much space to my own inner process that I feel I have much more room now to support others than when I joined. My path of service in the world has become clearer it is supporting my confidence to be seen in my gifts as an intuitive and sensitive earth-loving woman. – Melanie, 2022 Graduate

Come with an open heart. It’s a great way of learning all religions, and you can work with them however you want. It’s a commitment and takes a lot of personal time to actually fulfil the criteria, but once you get into it, it’s an absolutely lovely experience. – Carl, 2023 Graduate

This course has revolutionised the way I think about people of different faiths and none. I’ve had to step inside different faiths rather than looking at them from the outside, it’s been a genuine encounter… To greet people where they are and have that personal encounter has really taught me that there is truth and value in all faiths and all approaches to spirituality. It’s been a wonderful journey and I feel like this is perhaps the first few steps of a much longer journey to come afterwards. – Linden, 2023 Graduate

The online sacred community [one of the best parts], was quite amazing. That you could get 23 people in one square room sharing energy in such a way to benefit and deepen you to get the connectedness and the relational… that was amazing. – Tricia, 2023 Graduate


If our testimonials have left you curious, you are always welcome to get in touch with our friendly enrolment team who’ll be happy to answer your enquiries.