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Come, come o'whoever you are...

Celebrating 21 years in 2018, the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation is an educational charity offering training to open-hearted adults exploring interfaith ministry, spiritual counselling, sacred activism, ritual, spiritual leadership & the world's many faith paths.  We welcome you in your inquiry & invite you to connect with us to learn more:



Curious about Interfaith Ministry? Longing to explore your own sense of purpose or spirituality? Tend to your spiritual life by joining our cutting edge training programmes which offer a richly supported experience of community and a creative, holistic curriculum.  


21 years in the making, we're proud to make our training more accessible by expanding our training offers in 2018.  In addition to our flagship London training, this year we are also offering a new residential training in Northern Ireland and an online Distance Learning Pilot. 

enrolment opening feb 2019

With our 2018 enrolment intake up 49%, now is the time to join us if ever there was. Enrolment for our next intake will open in February 2019. Until then, feel free to browse our Info Pack, Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly with your inquiry.


About OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation

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Established in the UK in 1996, OneSpirit is an educational charity based in the UK. We join in the awakening of an inclusive global spirituality through training and enabling open-hearted adults to serve people of all faiths and none in our diverse communities.

We see the interfaith concept as a powerful invitation not just to tolerance, but acceptance; not only to dialogue, but to community. We whole-heartedly support the many interfaith initiatives that encourage dialogue and understanding between religions. 


ABOUT our training

We aim to support people who wish to enquire more deeply into their own spirituality, purpose and calling. We have trained & ordained more than 800 individuals over the last 21 years. Our graduate ministers are active across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.
We believe that difference, when approached as a potential source of enrichment, need not be experienced as a threat. Old dichotomies of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ do not serve the healing of our world. Thus our focus is on removing, within ourselves, the obstacles to unity.


what is interfaith ministry?

"Peace has no point if it's not lived. Love is fruitless unless given. So live your peace. Give your love. And as Mahatma Gandhi said: be the change you wish to see in the world."
Head of Faculty, Jackie Amos Wilkinson, offers some warm & welcoming words to the class of 2017.

who are onespirit interfaith foundation?

"We represent, bear witness to and believe in Life as sacred."

Nicola Coombe (former Focaliser & current faculty) offers these powerful & affirming words at the Ordination ceremony of 2016.

Fancy a cuppa? Join us for an Intro Day...

Come and get to know us a little better at one of our Intro Days we hold across the UK & Ireland. 

Our Introductory Days offer an opportunity to directly experience our teaching approach, as well as explore and connect with existing students, ministers, and faculty.

This short video offers some reflections from our students and Faculty on what you can expect on the day...


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