How is my progress reviewed?

Your tutors witness the ways in which the training works through each person. You will be in an ongoing process of being seen and encouraged, and this will include receiving feedback about your perceived readiness for the successful completion of each of the two years.

How much support can I expect from tutors?

With over 25 years’ experience of delivering this training, we have carefully calibrated the ratio of tutors to students to ensure that each of you is held and supported throughout the training. Each student will be allocated to a group tutor who will offer advice and support throughout the training. You will be expected to join your group tutor for a one-to-one session by Zoom, roughly every six weeks. Your group tutor will also attend your study group meetings.

What is the purpose of supervision?

Supervision is a space for sharing, reflection, relationship modelling and inquiry, offered by a supervisor to the student that deepens the student’s understanding and practice. We recommend you have a supervisor from our list of accredited supervisors for the whole of the second year. Vouchers towards the cost of supervision are included in your course fee.

What level of personal commitment do I need to bring to the training?

Most important of all is to participate fully in the class – and to bring your wisdom and energy to the exercises you do. You will be expected to continue to deepen and refine your spiritual practice and relationship with the God, Goddess, Spirit, or Source of your understanding, daily. We ask that you are prepared to lay aside at least 30 minutes or more, each day for this express purpose.

Those who join the training embark on a dynamic, experiential journey in the company of faculty and fellow students. The process of this training will typically take each group member and the group itself into experiences of healing and deepening. Much of this will be overtly joyful. Some of it may be uncomfortable or harder work in places. This is the nature of true learning and the depth of self-inquiry may be challenging – to get the most out of the experience it is essential that you bring a sense of personal enquiry and a sincere openness to hearing honest feedback.

Our Spiritual Development and Ministry course is a deep, radical programme of transformation. This demanding and challenging training requires a high degree of self-awareness, self-motivation, and self-examination from all participants. As with any programme of this nature, there is the potential for unresolved issues, traumas, or other wounds to be brought into awareness for attention, healing, and resolution.

The design of the training ensures that each student is deeply supported as they go through this journey of self-enquiry. However, we must be clear that this training is not therapy, and we ask you to carefully consider your own state of readiness before undertaking this course. We also strongly advise all students to consider the other supports they have available in their life. You may find independent counselling or other therapeutic supports invaluable in helping you deal with any difficult personal material that may emerge during the course and deepen the process of self-enquiry.