Can I join after the course has already started?

The nature of the course, and the way the group forms a learning circle means that it is particularly important to be present at the very start of each of the two years. It is unlikely that we would support absence from these sessions.

What if I am unable to attend a class?

Out of respect to the learning of the group, we ask that you are present ready to start on time, and if you think you may be delayed, inform your group tutor as soon as possible. If an absence is unavoidable, please discuss this with your tutors in advance, or at the earliest opportunity.

If you miss a session, you should arrange to have a member of your study group take notes for you. However, please note that our training is highly experiential, and learning is dynamic, resulting from our time together as a group, and therefore notes cannot be regarded as a substitute for attendance. In the case of repeated absences, should your tutors feel that your progress on the course has been significantly affected, you may be asked to repeat that year again at your own expense. 

If I miss a webinar, will I be able to watch a recording?

Webinars are recorded at tutor discretion, and will typically only be recorded when a webinar contains mainly teaching content, such as when a guest speaker comes to visit. Live webinars are experiential in nature and we understand that our training often involves profound and personal sharing, which forms an integral part of one’s learning journey. This delicate context makes recording these sessions challenging due to the sensitivities involved. We aim to foster a safe learning environment where students can freely express their thoughts and emotions and we want to encourage uninhibited participation in webinars, and therefore webinars that do not contain specific teaching content tend not to be recorded. 

How crucial is active engagement in OneSpirit's Ministry Training?

Engagement and commitment are indispensable elements of OneSpirit’s Ministry Training, which is designed to be a transformative and profound personal journey. As a student, you’ll be expected to actively participate not only in the coursework but also in interactions with your fellow students, and tutors, and during class sessions.

Through consistent engagement in homework assignments, thought-provoking discussions with peers, and introspective exploration during lessons, your experience in the programme becomes deeply enriched. The cultivation of essential skills required to become an ordained minister or graduate depends on the dedication and devotion you bring to the course.

Your unwavering involvement is pivotal in nurturing the personal and spiritual growth that will ultimately make you a well-rounded spiritual guide and leader. Remember, your OneSpirit journey is not superficial—it’s a transformative path that demands your full focus and genuine engagement.

Are there any technology requirements I need to be aware of?

To fully participate in the training, all students will require a computer that is connected to the internet, access to Zoom, and a basic level of proficiency in routine tasks like accessing the web, use of email and word processing for the purposes of writing assignments. We provide students in all our classes with learning materials and resources via our bespoke online learning platform.

We also provide a dedicated messaging platform that allows students to communicate with each other, as well as our tutors. This messaging platform is our main vehicle for communicating with students, so it is essential you can access this from the beginning of the training. There is no technical expertise required, it is a relatively simple matter of downloading and installing the app – full instructions will be given at the start of the course, and again, there is always help on hand from our team if you need assistance.

In order to participate in our online webinars, you will need access to a stable internet connection, a fully working computer with a web camera, and be comfortable using technology to join video calls. For most of our online sessions we will be using Zoom. You should make provision for these requirements prior to starting the course. If you are in any doubt about any of these requirements, please contact a member of the team and we will be glad to give you guidance.

Are the dates and locations of the training fixed, or are they liable to change?

We strive to deliver the training between the dates and at the locations publicised in our information pack, on our website and elsewhere. In exceptional circumstances, we may have to change the venue in order to ensure the quality of your experience is everything we hope it to be. Sometimes this may also impact on dates although we recognise the importance of being able to plan ahead, so dates will only be changed if there is no alternative. In the event of this, we will make every effort to communicate these changes with you at the earliest convenience.