Application process

What do I need to do before applying?

Before starting on the application form, you will need to seek permission to share contact details of 2 x character referees (not a partner or relative). We will contact them for a reference after you have submitted your application form.

Do I have to attend an Intro Day?

No. While we strongly encourage applicants to join us at one of our free Intro Day events as a way of getting to know more about us and the training we offer, this is optional.

How do I apply?

You can find the online application form here once enrolment opens.

Please take your time completing the form – it asks some straightforward questions as well as some deeper, more reflective questions about your life and spiritual path. If you accidentally close the window whilst still completing the form, don’t worry, your information should be saved within the form, provided you open the link in the same browser on the same device. If you need any help or have any questions about your enrolment form, please contact us.

Why should I take this training with OneSpirit?

Embarking on a spiritual journey through training with OneSpirit is not simply about absorbing a fixed set of teachings; it’s about engaging with a living and evolving curriculum that honours the unique contributions of each participant. At OneSpirit, we deeply recognise that learning is not a one-way street but a dynamic exchange — a dance between the material, the tutors, and, most importantly, the students themselves.

How OneSpirit’s Unique Approach Benefits You:

Adaptive Learning Environment

  • Dynamic Curriculum: Our content is responsive, evolving with each group’s unique energy and insights.
  • Personal Influence: Your journey becomes a key part of the learning experience, influencing the direction and depth of the entire class’s insights.
  • Collaborative Wisdom: Students don’t just learn from tutors; they learn from one another, creating a rich tapestry of shared knowledge.

The Privilege of Impact

  • Direct Contribution: You have the privilege to shape the learning process, making your mark on the curriculum as your wisdom and experiences become part of the collective wisdom.
  • Interactive Education: Your actively shared perspectives are not only welcomed but are considered critical to the learning process, making for a highly participatory experience.

A Living Education

  • Evolving with You: As you grow and change, so does the educational experience. OneSpirit’s curriculum honours where you are in your journey, always relevant to your current state of being.
  • Emergent Learning: Each class’s unique composition ensures that no two learning journeys are the same, making your experience at OneSpirit deeply personal and unique.

Safe and Sacred Space

  • Confidentiality and Trust: In a space where your personal journey is honoured, confidentiality is paramount. You can explore your spirituality with the assurance of trust and safety.
  • Unhindered Expression: With the absence of recordings and rigid structure, you are free to express your deepest truths and learnings, fostering an environment of authenticity and connection.
So, why should I choose OneSpirit?

Choosing OneSpirit’s training is a commitment to a participative educational process where the conventional student-tutor dynamic is transcended. The collective learning experience is enriched not just by the curriculum provided but by the active contributions and personal evolution of each participant. If you are seeking a spiritual education that is as flexible and vibrant as life itself — continually adapting, growing, and emerging with each collective moment — then OneSpirit is the organically unfolding path you’ve been seeking.

What happens next?

Once your form has been submitted, we will contact your referees. When references have been received and provided these are satisfactory, your application will be reviewed by faculty. If your application is approved, you will receive confirmation from OneSpirit, with a link to complete your Training Agreement and set up your payment plan.

Once we receive your completed Training Agreement and your first payment, we will issue confirmation & letter of invitation to join the training. Before the start of the course, you will receive details of how to log-in to the resources provided for you as a student, and support will be available to you then to make sure everything is ready for you to get off to the best possible start.