Welcome to the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation Family! We are an educational charity proudly brought to life by a team of passionate individuals uniformly spread throughout the UK. These dedicated members work seamlessly together in a virtual work environment to further our vision.

We are delighted to present to you the friendly faces behind day-to-day operations at OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation – the very heart and soul of our mission. They channel their energy and warmth into propelling our cause, never failing to infuse every workday with a vibrant sense of enthusiasm.

So, let’s get acquainted with our dedicated operations team!

Alan Briscoe

Executive Director


Alan was a builder, tree-feller, furniture maker, and woodturner before he started work in the charity sector supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Now with over 17 years of experience gained across the fields of mental health, youth justice, and drug and alcohol services, Alan’s work is driven by his passion for innovation and finding creative solutions.
He led a national programme to roll out gatekeeper training in Wales to equip frontline services and community members with the skills and confidence to prevent suicide and advised the Welsh Government on the development of a national suicide and self-harm prevention strategy.
Alan has five grown-up children and two grandchildren. In between work and shed-building (Alan believes you can never have too many sheds) relaxation takes the form of long walks with the dogs, reading, painting and meditation.

Kim Jackson

Operations Manager


Kim has been an operations manger working in charities and not for profits for over 15 years. A passion for easeful and supportive process and procedures is underpinned by her ability to problem solve and hold space, with a way of seeing under the tangles and layers to the heart of the sticky matters.
Having grown up in South Africa she wonders and feels deeply into what divides and separates people from each other, the other than human world and the earth and what are the pathways back into connection. These wonderings have led her to way of the council, grief tending and transformative justice spaces, learning and facilitation.
Kim is also an avid reader, practicer of ashtanga yoga, dancer in her living room, carrot cake maker, succulent enthusiast, mountain hiker, aunty, barefoot walker, wild swimmer
and potter.

Danielle Wilson

Finance OfficeR


Danielle left her native Texas in 1983 intending to travel around Europe for a year or so. She never went back – and is now settled in the UK with dual nationality. She is fluent in French and speaks a little Spanish and Italian. She comes from a business background in sales, theatre design and architectural administration, and along the way also picked up bookkeeping skills. She trained as a labyrinth facilitator in 2002, which then led her into training as a OneSpirit interfaith minister.
Ordained in 2006, Danielle took on the role of Finance Officer with OneSpirit a year later. She trained as a teacher in The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity with Rev Maggy Whitehouse in 2013 and now incorporates that work as a way to support students with their fees and money/scarcity issues. Her hobbies are crafts, knitting, swimming, walking on the beach, watching movies and dancing the Dances of Universal Peace.

Maddy Davies

Learning Design Specialist


Maddy has always had a deep interest in spirituality and went on to complete a degree in Theology and Religious Studies. Maddy then trained and worked as a secondary school Religious Studies teacher before moving into SEN education, working holistically with young people with autism.
She then returned to university, completing an MA specialising in feminist Biblical studies in relation to motherhood, identity, and Goddess spirituality.
Maddy has always been passionate about the power education can have in improving social mobility and advocating for inclusion. Working with OneSpirit allows Maddy to pursue her passion for the power education can have in social change.
When she’s not working, Maddy loves to spend as much time outside as possible with her rescue dog, Lucy, watching live music, and travelling, with her favourite places being India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. These experiences have taught her to always seek the sacred in the everyday.

Kailee Smart

Communications & Marketing Lead


World cultures and peoples have fascinated Kailee her entire life. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from Arizona State University with minors in History and Women and Gender Studies. After that, she taught English to children of all ages in Italy and China.
Originally from Boston, she relocated to Scotland for a Postgraduate Diploma in History focusing on the religious, cultural, and gender aspects of the Middle Ages.
Kailee has always had a keen eye for creativity, visual design, social media, and marketing. A big part of her passion is how inclusive and accessible communication sparks relationships, networks, and innovation.
Growing up as a volunteer Sunday School teacher, she learned about her own faith while striving to ensure each student was able to express their own connection. She previously worked as an Inclusion Program Coordinator, focusing on youth engagement, disability rights, Indigenous rights, and gender equality. Kailee is dedicated to advocating for rights-based justice, intersectionality, and the empowerment of people.
Her favourite pastimes include reading, listening to music (too loudly), and cooking vegan foods. An avid traveller, often alone, she loves meeting new people and exploring the world’s cultures.

Ava Dècage

Comms & Learning Design Assistant


As a passionate globetrotter, Ava has explored over 80 countries, fostering a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. Guided by Gandhi’s quote, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world,’ she has shaped her life around the principles of personal growth.
With an insatiable curiosity and an open-minded nature, Ava has a passion for learning that is evident in her varied interests, including nature, reading, the universe, psychology, quantum mechanics, and time travel. 
She is also passionate about biohacking and exploring innovative ways to optimise her physical and mental health. In her pursuit of growth and balance, Ava has learned to embrace stillness and silence and often dedicates long periods of time to
silent reflection.
With a balanced mind that is both artistic and analytical, Ava brings a unique perspective to her work. She values and thrives in environments where diverse perspectives are embraced. Ava is excited to contribute her skills and passion to any project that makes a positive impact
on the world.

Lavinia Jones

Community Development Lead


From London to Jamaica to Liverpool and many flights in between, Lavinia has always been passionate about community building and the many forms this can take. Her goal is to empower individuals to recognise and harness their power and influence within their community spaces.

Within her local community, she functions as a project manager, consultant, and support for local organisations on initiatives that focus on area regeneration, social justice, and empowering individuals to take ownership of their community’s transformation.
Alongside her role at OneSpirit, Lavinia is actively engaged in community projects focusing on mental health and emotional well-being. She’s committed to creating inclusive, diverse environments that speak to and actively support their members. She believes in building communities where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Additionally, as a Hypnotherapist and Healing Practitioner, she works with people one-on-one and in groups to support their healing journeys through generational and intergenerational trauma. 
When not working, Lavinia enjoys watching Star Trek, reading Sci-Fi, and being defeated in rock paper scissors by her son.