Ways to get involved

At OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, our community thrives on its diversity and the understanding that there is no single “right” way to practice ministry. Our inclusive and open-minded approach encourages individuals to explore various paths and contribute their unique talents and perspectives. We welcome everyone to join us in our mission to create a world filled with compassion, understanding, and spiritual growth.

There are numerous ways to be a part of our vibrant community:

  • Interview a Minister: Gain insights and inspiration from our experienced ministers by engaging in conversations about their journeys and the impact of their work. Your work will be featured on our ‘Ministers & OneSpirit in the Media’ page, as well as on our social media. 
  • Take Our Training and Become a Minister: Enrol in our life-changing training to develop your skills and knowledge, and serve as an interfaith minister in your community.
  • Hire a Minister: Whether you are planning a wedding, funeral, or other significant life event, our ministers are available to provide spiritual guidance and support tailored to your needs. Find our ministers on the ‘Find a Minister’ page, where their services, unique experiences, & more are listed. 
  • Attend Workshops and Events: Participate in our engaging workshops, seminars, and other events designed to inspire personal growth, foster connections, and promote interfaith dialogue. Each of our courses, workshops, trainings, seminars, etc. are led by experienced and professional individuals, seeking to better the world with their own learned skills and extensive knowledge. Learn more on our ‘Courses & Retreats’ page.
  • Donate to Our Cause: Your generous contributions help us continue our mission to foster spiritual growth, inclusivity, and understanding among people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds.
  • Volunteer Your Time: Offer your skills and expertise to support our community initiatives, events, and administrative tasks, making a meaningful impact on our mission. Get in contact with us today, whether you’re interested in writing a blog post to share with our community, crafting a resource document on best practices of your particular field, or leading a training or event with us. 
  • Share Your Story: Inspire others by sharing your personal experiences, spiritual journey, and how OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation has enriched your life.
Join us in our pursuit of spiritual growth and unity, and discover the countless ways you can contribute to our diverse and thriving community.