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“The way is not in the sky; the way is in the heart.” – Buddha

Hello and welcome to the April 2024 iConnect! April, what a promising month… As always, we’re excited to share bits and pieces of information, updates, and offerings with you! This month, we’re highlighting International Earth Day, and sharing some reflections, tips, and resources with you. We’re also sharing a few of our current personal and professional growth opportunities. As you may know, we launched enrolment last month! We’re overjoyed to be welcoming a new community of students to the OneSpirit family. We’ve been working hard to ensure that all the information you could possibly need can be easily found on our website, but as always, ask any questions if you’re curious! 

Information about our Spiritual Development and Ministry Training can be found by clicking on the title, as well as within the pages of the Training Menu on our website! This year, we are presenting you with the Birch Pathway, a new branch of our Aspen Pathway, which continues to be an entirely online curriculum designed for your convenience. Enrolment is officially open NOW – and will close on the 30th of September, with the training beginning in October! This year, we’re also presenting you with our Intro Days with the unique twist that Annie, our passionate tutor, who will be guiding you through this transformative journey, will be hosting them! Annie is hosting all of our Intro Days this year, so you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with her before the training. Her expertise and support are just a part of what makes our learning experience so special. We’re thrilled to have you with us and hope you enjoy reading our newsletter – as always, if you have any contributions feel free to drop them just below.

Do you have an offering for our community? Have you recently published a book? Want to simply say hello? Drop an email below!

OneSpirit’s Professional & Personal Development Offerings

Open Your Heart to Transformation: OneSpirit’s Ministry Training Programme Enrolment is live!

We’re delighted to announce that enrolment for our online Spiritual Development and Ministry Training programme is now open! With over 25 years of delivering cutting-edge spiritual education, OneSpirit invites you to embark on a life-altering journey, delving into the depths of greater consciousness, boundless compassion, and profound interconnectedness in the ever-evolving world of today.

Why Choose the Birch Pathway?

  • Become Part of a Dynamic Community: Join a thriving community of over 1000 diverse individuals, all committed to nurturing and expanding their unique personal ministry with us.
  • Encounter Holistic Growth: Our well-rounded curriculum is designed to guide you through a journey of self-discovery, empathy development, and engagement with a plethora of spiritual practices — preparing you to serve your community wholeheartedly and authentically.
  • Engage in Interactive Online Learning: Dive into a transformative experience with live weekly webinars, a custom-designed online classroom, and a robust student communications platform. All these components are intricately woven together to stimulate your personal and ministerial evolution.

Training Highlights:

  • Two-Year Online Journey: Immerse yourself in the essence of your spiritual practice and community service through a dynamic, experience-oriented online learning environment.
  • Rich, Interlaced Curriculum: Our connective and comprehensive curriculum encompasses Faith Paths & Worldviews, Ceremony & Ritual, Deep Listening Skills, Ministry of Spiritual Accompaniment, Psycho-Spiritual Development, and Spiritual & Pastoral Community Service.
  • Nurturing Learning Environment: Significantly benefit from personal mentorship via 1-on-1 sessions, engage with peers in study groups, and access a plethora of resources in our online classroom.

Students like Annie say, “I was drawn to the course due to my love of ceremony and diversity and my interest in counselling. My favourite thing has been the deep delving with my Peers and the relationships built with my study group. I have grown spiritually, healed hurts, and been supported to accept grief and loss of physical beings in my life.”

This is more than just training; it’s an invitation to redefine yourself and the world around you. If you resonate with deepening your understanding and expression of spirituality, you are wholeheartedly invited to join us on this sacred mission. One important aspect of the training period includes the Introduction Period, which has three date options. Prospective students only need to attend one of these:

  • 15th October, from 6-9 pm
  • 20th October, from 3-6 pm
  • 22nd October, from 6-9 pm

In addition to attending one of the above dates, all students must attend on 27th October from 3-6 pm. Compulsory weekly webinars will commence from 5th November (held on Tuesdays from 6-9 pm).

For more details and to apply, visit OneSpirit’s Ministry Training Overview. Let’s commence this extraordinary journey together!

OneSpirit’s Intro Days are Officially Live! 

Are you drawn by the allure of the Birch Pathway and keen to delve into our digital learning landscape? We extend a warm invitation to join us during our complimentary Intro Days, a window to our vibrant community and enlightening offerings! Something magical happens on these days. Our hearts fill with joy as we virtually open our doors, united by a shared curiosity and the spirit of discovery. Every member of our community – current students, OneSpirit ministers, and our dedicated Birch Pathway Tutor – bands together to make these days not only informative but truly inspiring for you.

In 2024, we’re thrilled to bring you 6 Intro Days, conveniently on Zoom, from April to September. We have also designed a flexible schedule with both Saturday morning and Tuesday evening sessions.

This year, we’re taking a fresh, personal approach to our Intro Days. Annie Heppenstall, our beloved Birch Pathway Tutor (discover more about Annie here!), will guide each of these interactive sessions herself. Imagine having a candid conversation about your spiritual quest with Annie, closely connecting with like-minded seekers, and forming early bonds with your future fellows on this soulful journey.

Save the date(s) and immerse yourself in the joyous experience of our insightful Intro Days!

Join one of our dates:

  • Saturday 6 April 2024, 10 am – 12:30 pm
  • Tuesday 14 May 2024, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Saturday 22 June 2024, 10 am – 12:30 pm
  • Tuesday 16 July 2024, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Saturday 3 August 2024, 10 am – 12:30 pm
  • Tuesday 10 September 2024, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

There is no charge to attend, nor is there any expectation that you’ll apply, we’d just love to meet you and share more about the Birch Pathway. Head over to our Intro Days to book your place! 

April’s Anti-Racism Reading Group Invitation

Join us for a profound Zoom session on Monday, 15th April, from 7:15 – 8:45, hosted by Sarah MacDonald, as we delve into the crucial and ongoing journey of anti-racism. This session, integral to the OneSpirit community, is designed to foster a supportive environment where ministers and students can explore, understand, and challenge the pervasive issues of racism. The upcoming meeting focuses on the deep-seated impact of racism on our spiritual connections, communal relationships, and highest aspirations, emphasising a trauma-informed approach to undoing systemic racism.

In this vital group meeting, we will share thoughts on readings such as My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem, alongside selected works of Jackie Kay and Audrey Lorde. These sources aim to enrich our conversation and reflection on the embodied experience of racism and the steps towards change that can be made within a trusted community. Whether you’re actively engaged in anti-racism work, seeking clarity on where to start, or simply curious to learn more, your presence and participation are invaluable. Together, we can confront racism’s challenges and embrace the joy of truly meeting and respecting others as equals.

Zoom Meeting Details:

This is an open invitation to a space of learning, sharing, and growth. We hope to see you there as we collectively pursue the sacred work of undoing racism. Read more here…

Advanced Weddings & the Law in Scotland

Join us for an insightful and engaging workshop dedicated to unravelling the complexities of weddings and civil partnerships in the heart of Scotland. This workshop will deepen your understanding and prepare you for the intricacies and challenges you may face.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Civil Partnerships: Expand your knowledge of the latest developments and legalities surrounding civil partnerships.
  • Complex and Challenging Situations: Learn how to navigate unexpected scenarios confidently and with poise.
  • GDPR and Data Protection: Understand your responsibilities regarding personal data to ensure compliance with current legislation.
  • The Future of CPD: Stay ahead in your ministry with insights into continuing professional development within our community.
  • Community and Support: Connect with others in the field and explore the importance of support networks for those involved in the solemnisation process.

Important details…

  • When: Sunday, 21st April (11:00 AM – 4:00 PM)
  • Where: Perth Art Gallery, 78 George St, Perth PH1 5LB
  • Workshop Investment: £98

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your skills, knowledge, and connections. This workshop promises a blend of expert-led discussions, practical advice, and a chance to enrich interfaith ministry standards and connection.

Register today and be a part of a community dedicated to excellence in celebratory ceremonies! We look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be an enlightening and valuable experience. Please note, that this is an advanced CPPD opportunity for ministers on the permanent or temporary register. Sign up and learn more here! 

Dive Into The Heart of Your Spiritual Odyssey: Uncover, Craft, and Celebrate Your Story!

By overwhelming demand, we’re thrilled to invite you to an electrifying 5-week virtual adventure! Delve deep into the essence of self, spirit, and the riveting art of storytelling with Tim Ralphs, our esteemed OneSpirit Minister and raconteur par excellence. Embark on a spellbinding journey weaving through global folktales, unravelling ancient myths, and connecting your unique story to the tapestry of the world’s spiritual saga:

  • A Captivating Beginning: The Magic of Myths
  • Unleashing Your Inner Storyteller: The Power of Personal Narrative
  • Embarking on a Global Quest: The Heartbeat of World Folktales
  • Decoding the Wisdom of the Ancients: The Secrets of Myths
  • Authoring Your Spiritual Epic: Sculpting Your Sacred Tale

Whether you’re a seasoned OneSpirit Minister or a curious newcomer craving a deep dive into self-exploration, creative storytelling, and spiritual awakening, this series is your gateway.

Course Details:

  • Dates: April 23rd, 30th and May 7th, 14th, 21st
  • Time: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Platform: Online learning platform
  • Course Investment: £84 for ROSIM members and OneSpirit students; £105 for non-ROSIM members.

    Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of growth and self-discovery? Register now and begin to craft the narrative of your spiritual voyage! You can learn more and sign up here. 

    Discover more about the inspiring Tim Ralphs, his journey, and his muse in his enlightening blog post, and don’t miss the chance to see this mesmerizing storyteller in action in the video below.

    “Encourages you to look deeper into the ordinary and appreciate the magic of the story connected to it.”
    – Siobhan

    Unlock the Path to Peace: An Interactive Online Course on Sacred Activism and Non-Violence

    Embark on a transformative 5-week journey that will empower you to embrace peace and live non-violently. Our upcoming online course offers a deep dive into the heart of Sacred Activism, exploring the profound impact of non-violence in your life and in the world around you. Join us and unlock the door to creating meaningful, lasting change.

    Under the expert guidance of the cherished Tutor Sarah MacDonald, you’ll uncover the unsettling structures of violence permeating our lives, grasp the essence of non-violence as a form of sacred activism, and learn practical ways to manifest your spiritual aspirations into acts of peace and justice.

    This course is meticulously designed to provide a non-judgmental, safe space for introspection and dialogue. Prepare to engage with challenging weekly themes that prompt you to reflect on personal and communal instances of violence, understand your role in the sustainability of the Earth, and explore innovative remedies to these issues.

    Why Join This Course?

    • Expert Guidance: Sarah MacDonald is renowned for her exceptional blend of depth and approachability, ensuring a supportive and engaging learning environment.
    • Challenging Content: Tackle thought-provoking questions and themes, pushing the boundaries of traditional perspectives on non-violence.
    • Unexpected Discoveries: Participants have been pleasantly surprised by the course’s focus on climate activism and the application of non-violence in varied aspects of life.

    Course Details:

    • Dates: May 4, 11, 18, 25, and June 1, 2024
    • Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
    • Platform: Zoom
    • Course Investment: £32 for ROSIM members and OneSpirit students; £40 for non-ROSIM members.

    Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to stand at the forefront of Sacred Activism, equipped with the knowledge and tools to make a tangible difference.

    Learn more here, or enrol now to embark on your journey towards a more peaceful, non-violent existence.

    OneSpirit’s Community Offerings + Announcements

    *most sections below are ‘clickable’ links, meaning, if you click anywhere within the text or image, it will take you to a page where you can learn more! 

    Redefining Interfaith: A Call for Inclusive Spiritual Tolerance

    In an exhilarating leap towards enriching our modern understanding of spirituality, OneSpirit’s newest blog post presents a refreshing perspective – redefining interfaith to be holistic and more inclusive! Gone are the days when interfaith was considered merely as the intersection of traditional religions. This enlightened perspective celebrates spirituality in all its forms, extending beyond the realm of conventional religious expressions.

    In a world that can often feel divisive, OneSpirit’s vision is one of unity and recognition, honouring the myriad spiritual experiences that foster our shared human connections. Through these expansive conversations, we are awakened to each other’s spiritual truths, forming a compassionate, loving community that offers a sense of belonging to every spiritual seeker. Eager to immerse yourself in inclusive spiritual conversations that enrich our collective wisdom? Let’s redefine interfaith together, embracing the beautiful diversity of our spiritual journeys. Dive into our latest blog post here… 

    A message from Anna Lempriere… You are Welcome. 🪷

    Click the post above or here to go to Anna’s Instagram. 

    Month of Ministry: A Journey of Connection and Expression

    In February 2024, OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers participated in an inspiring social media initiative, the #MonthOfMinistry. Conceived by Rev Jo Royle and Rev Sass Adams in 2023, this movement invites interfaith ministers and students from around the globe to share their work, and personal journeys, and connect with a broader community. The event stands as a beacon, encouraging participants to share their stories, expand their networks, collaborate, and elevate the visibility of their ministry practices. With an open invitation to engage without strict adherence to daily prompts, OneSpirit aims to amplify these messages across social media platforms, fostering a vibrant tapestry of interconnected stories, convictions, and diverse ministerial work.

    OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers, known for their exceptional spiritual guidance across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australasia, and the Americas, cater to a wide array of beliefs and backgrounds. Through platforms like Skype, Zoom, or voice calls, they make spirituality accessible beyond geographical and temporal constraints. This initiative also serves as an invitation for these ministers to be seen and heard, sharing the essence of their ministry beyond physical borders, and reflecting a profound desire to connect, explore, and celebrate the diversity within their community.

    Participants like Juanna Grace Ladaga, Chris Booth, Leti Hawthorn, Tricia Hudson, Aine Moloney, Davina McCluskie, and Monica Douglas provide a glimpse into the multitude of voices participating in the #MonthOfMinistry. From detailed introspections on faith, peace, and the role of ceremonies and rituals in daily life to heartfelt acknowledgements of nature’s tranquillity and the divine, their contributions reflect the fundamental motivations of interfaith ministers: fostering deep connections at all levels of being—human, non-human, and the divine.

    Chris Booth touches on the essence of being an interfaith minister, emphasizing the pursuit of connectedness and compassion, drawing from various traditions not to find common ground but to foster a universal expression of authentic spirituality. Leti Hawthorn, Aine Moloney, and others share personal reflections that illustrate the ministers’ intentions to serve as bridges for all beliefs, hoping to inspire simple acts of kindness and connection.

    It’s clear that this initiative transcends mere participation; it’s a heartfelt pronouncement of unity, service, and the expansive beauty of interfaith dialogue. Through individual stories and collective endeavours, OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers continue to weave a rich mosaic of faith, hope, and love, inviting all to witness and engage in the transformative power of spirituality. 

    Visit the Month of Ministry page to explore individual posts from each participating minister. You’ll also find additional information if you’re interested in collaborating with them!

    From Punk to Interfaith Minister – The GreenSpirit of Stephen Wollaston

    Recently, our very own Stephen Wollaston shared with us an interview that was published between himself and author and poet, Leslie Tate. In the post, discover the extraordinary transformation journey from punk to Interfaith Minister. In this interview, you can dive into the story of remarkable change, where spirituality and self-discovery merge, leading to an inspired path of ministry and counselling. An enlightening read for anyone fascinated by the power of transformation and the endless possibilities of spiritual alignment.

    Read the full story here: From Punk to Interfaith Minister.

    Discover how one individual’s journey can inspire your own path to spiritual growth and understanding.

    Blessing the River Frome in Stroud

    In a profound display of reverence for the sacredness and sentience of water, Rev. Helen James’s video serves as a cinematic tribute to the Water Blessing ceremonies taking place across Britain. With the Mayor of Calne, Cllr Robert MacNaughton, dedicating his year in office to perform River Blessings, a beautiful and meaningful ceremony led by Shamanic Practitioner, Kate Dineen, is featured prominently. The video captures the essence of these ceremonies, where roughly 40 individuals from various walks of life – including Mayors, councillors, scientists, artists, and representatives from Christianity, Druidism, Goddess Worship, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, and earth-based spiritualities, alongside activists – converge, bringing their local waters to create a collective blessing infused with love and gratitude.

    Speaking passionately, the participants honour water as a sentient being, while simultaneously calling attention to the urgent need for action against pollution by water companies and for government intervention to safeguard Britain’s rivers. This gathering not only aims at recognising the intrinsic value of water but also serves as a platform for enhancing connection to nature, fostering a sense of ‘indigenous’ belonging, and empowering individuals in their relationship with the natural world. Kate Dineen, in her commendation of Rev. James’s video, notes the film as a “mini-documentary” that perfectly encapsulates the spirit and essence of the river and the ceremony. She extols James for the respectful and sensitive portrayal of the event, underlining the depth of understanding and connection James established with the river and its significance.

    This video, through its heartfelt showcasing of the Water Blessing ceremony, not only highlights the spiritual and community efforts to recognize and protect water but also acts as a call to action for environmental stewardship and spiritual connection to nature. Watch the video on Rev Helen’s YouTube here, or click below.

    Introducing Annie: Her Journey & Expertise 

    Discover the enriching spiritual guidance of Annie, a dedicated tutor of OneSpirit’s ministry training programme. Annie’s lifelong journey from her childhood connection to nature to her diverse explorations in world faiths exemplifies our inter-spiritual mission. An active community upliftment volunteer, and a herald of experiential spirituality, she brings a wealth of wisdom to her students. Learn how her path can inspire your own spiritual growth and commitment to creating supportive, community spaces.

    Explore more about Annie’s work and learn more about our 2024 Spiritual Development & Ministry Training offering here! 

    OneSpirit Celebrates & Honours International Earth Day

    Did you know that April 22nd is Earth Day? Come and celebrate Earth Day with OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation as we embrace our shared stewardship of the planet. Discover how diverse spiritual traditions unite us in the call to protect the Earth and explore actionable ways to live in harmony with nature. From cleanups to sustainable living, this Earth Day is a call to spiritual action. We acknowledge the richness that diverse spiritual perspectives bring to environmental activism. From the Indigenous reverence for the land and its creatures to the Buddhist practice of compassion for all forms of life, each tradition offers unique insights into how we can better care for our planet. On this Earth Day, we seek to celebrate these varied perspectives and learn from each other, fostering an interfaith dialogue that enriches our understanding and actions. Join us in our commitment to a greener, more compassionate world—one day and one action at a time.

    Dive deeper into our Earth Day reflections and join the movement here.

    Sarah MacDonald Supervisor Spotlight

    What year were you ordained? 2010

    What inspired you to pursue training with OneSpirit? After many years of quite intense practice in Qigong and Meditation, I felt a strong connection with spirit but struggled to bring that understanding into the world and to communicate a sense of Spirit. One Spirit Interfaith training was the gateway for me to be able to integrate my spiritual life with my life in the world.

    How can clients get in touch with you? Email me here,  or contact me via my website – exploringspirit.co.uk

    What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of being an accredited supervisor? love supervision! Supervision is like the most serious and most glorious game in the world! Here we are together, crouched by the edge of the pool, or standing on the edge of the cliff, looking out, looking in, trying with all that is in us to catch a glimpse of the Truth that will bring us into harmony with Truth. Wow!

    How do you put your personal ministry into practice? Long before I ever heard of One Spirit, I yearned for what I thought of as “an integrated life”, where every element of my being pulled together – work supporting home supporting hobbies supporting values supporting relationships supporting work. 35 years down the line, Ministry is my container for an integrated life. How it looks outwardly changes over time. Just now my ministry is most active in my work with The Coat of Hopes, in anti-racism work and in my teaching practice as a Group Tutor on the OneSpirit faculty team.

    Why do you believe supervision plays an essential role in developing and deepening a minister’s practices? Supervision is essential for anyone who works deeply with anyone else, to help us untangle the threads of “me” and “you”, and to help us feel the pain and the love within any deep encounter. For Ministers, it is especially important in addition to keeping our work in the context of spiritual practice and related to a spiritual path. This path can be narrow and steep and slippery. And it can branch and wander. The mist can come down. We can find ourselves turned around or at a cliff edge. A good Supervisor, with their own embodied spiritual practice, can help us along this path, either because they are a few steps ahead, waiting at the next bend, able to point out pitfalls and handholds to help you along, or because you are there together in the mist, sharing everything you each already know to help you, the supervisee, to take the next right step.

    What sets your ministry apart from others? My ministry is not tied down. It is in the fabric of my life. Therefore I can be flexible, adaptable and responsive. My ministry is about unifying spirit and matter, form and formless, which means bringing spiritual practice down from the mountain and onto the street. My ministry is intensely practical. I am always asking how ministry can act in the world. How can it help me address the climate crisis? How can it help the cause of peace in the world? How can it work for harmony and equality between people and an end to racism and racialisation? I need my ministry to be active and proactive and to be effective. It has to make a difference.

    Read more from Sarah here & meet all of our Accredited Supervisors here. 

    Nickie Aven Supervisor Spotlight

    What year were you ordained? 2010

    What inspired you to pursue training with OneSpirit? Initially, a desire to hold ceremonies in a way which deepened connection and meaning. I also loved the sense of community and shared endeavour, albeit we worked according to our individual understanding of Life.

    How can clients get in touch with you? Email me here,  or contact me via my website – www.nickieaven.com

    What motivated you to expand your ministry by becoming a Supervisor? I mentored Interfaith student ministers for 2 years and was inspired by bearing witness to their transformation. Being a supervisor allows me to be a small part of someone’s growing understanding.

    Why do you believe supervision plays an essential role in developing and deepening a minister’s practices? I have been in supervision since 1994 when I was training as a homoeopath. It would not occur to me, 30 years on, to work without the sounding board and clarity of a supervisor alongside me, to ensure that I am safe, ethical and clear – and accompanied. In supervision, we can share our concerns and our mistakes, without fear of judgement. We are less lonely and isolated in our work, we have a place to work with our ‘blindspots’, and we have someone who cares about us and will celebrate with us.

    Read more from Nickie here & meet all of our Accredited Supervisors here. 

    John Doherty Supervisor Spotlight

    What year were you ordained? 2020

    What inspired you to pursue training with OneSpirit? I wanted to integrate many years of exploring different faith paths and develop my spiritual counselling practice.

    What motivated you to expand your ministry by becoming a Supervisor? I have been a Supervisor for 18 years, starting with a Masters degree in 2006. I wanted to support people in the caring professions as I had witnessed a lot of burnout and poor self-care. I also wanted to develop my own skills in this area.

    What services do you provide? I offer a wide range of services, Supervision, Spiritual counselling, Mindfulness Retreats and courses and workshops on spirituality and Spiritual Wellbeing.

    How can clients get in touch with you? Accessing this link here.  You can also learn more about me on my OneSpirit Minister Profile here.

    What inspires you to do this work?I am inspired by my own experience of supervision as an essential tool for growth and all those who I have worked with over the years. My first impression was in 2004 when I attended a lecture by Michael Carroll who has written many books on supervision. I was so impressed I thought I wanted to be like him!

    Read more from John here & meet all of our Accredited Supervisors here. 

    Did you catch these posts on our social media this past month?

    A reminder about our community feature — Minister Spotlights!

    It’s hard for me to find specific ministers to spotlight each month, due to the size of our minister community. To make things smoother, I’ve created a form you can fill out for your profile. This form includes five essentials and eight optional questions to inspire you while creating your spotlight. Depending on participation, I’ll publish one or two spotlights each month.

    This is a fantastic chance to broadcast your talent, services, and distinctiveness to our wider community. The spotlight form will be available in every iConnect. There is also now a special page for Minister Spotlights… meaning, if you partake now, you’ll be one of the first to be showcased!

    Ready to participate? Just fill out the form below and I’ll handle the rest.

    Our newly designed website features spaces for fostering connections and uniting our community members. The Community Collection page is specially reserved for users to submit their blog posts. Every submission, be it a book, resource guide, diary entry, song, podcast, or nuggets of wisdom through Instagram, contributes to the collective wisdom available to all. This collective endeavour is especially significant for the ministers and students in our community. Their shared resources or inspiring elements can serve as guiding stars for those in the early days of their spiritual journey, or those who are just needing some inspiration wherever they are. Each piece of wisdom shared stands as a testament that no one is alone in their spiritual voyage. We invite you to submit contributions through the form below! We’ll collate these into a comprehensive post enriched with easily shareable links, data, and images. Additionally, a dedicated space will be created in the member forums for further discussion and resource sharing.

    Welcome to our Supervisors Form, designed to showcase your unique voice in our community. As a minister, supervisor, or both, your experience is precious, and we aim to share it. In the form, feel free to share stories, insights, and services. Complete as much as you wish, no field is mandatory, aside from basic information like contact info. If something is missing, add it!

    This form should be used to highlight you uniquely – complete it in a way that showcases you how you wish to be showcased.

    We’ll create a spotlight on you and your distinct services, akin to a supervisor’s page on our past site. Visitors will click your name, and access a dedicated page to learn about your contributions. What’s more, you will have a dual profile – one as a minister and one providing deeper insights into your role as a supervisor. We want it to be easy for our students and ministers to find help when needed.

    Awareness, Religious, and Spiritual Days

    *These days come from the Interfaith Network, if a day is missing it is not deliberate! More can be found here.
    • 02 Apr World Autism Awareness Day
    • 05 Apr International Day of Conscience
    • 06 Apr International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
    • April 6 – Laylat al-Qadr, is the holiest night of the year for Muslims as it’s believed it’s the night that the Quran was sent down from Heaven. The last ten nights of Ramadan are dedicated to praying and scripture reading as they believe this night of decree took place in one of those ten nights.
    • 07 Apr World Health Day and International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda
    • April 9-12 – Eid al-Fitr, On one of the most important Islamic holy days, a big meal is enjoyed to mark the end of Ramadan and celebrations go on for 3 days.
    • 12 Apr International Day of Human Space Flight
    • 14 Apr World Chagas Disease Day
    • 20 Apr Chinese Language Day
    • 21 Apr World Creativity and Innovation Day
    • April 21* Ridvan, This Bahá’í 12-day festival commemorates Bahaullah’s declaration that he was a manifestation of God. The name means Paradise and is named after a garden found outside of Baghdad, where he was exiled before travelling to Constantinople.
    • 22 Apr International Mother Earth Day
    • April 22*-30 – Passover, This 7-day holiday week honours the freeing of Israeli slaves. It is one of three pilgrimage festivals and is a major Jewish holiday celebrated on the 15 days of Nisan, a Hebrew month.
    • 23 Apr World Book and Copyright Day, English Language Day and Spanish Language Day
    • 24 Apr International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace
    • 25 Apr International Girls in ICT Day, World Malaria Day, and International Delegate’s Day
    • 26 Apr International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day and World Intellectual Property Day
    • 28 Apr World Day for Safety and Health at Work
    • 30 Apr International Jazz Day
    “If it is your nature to be happy, you will swim away along the soft trails for hours, your imagination alighting everywhere.” - Morning, Mary Oliver
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