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“You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming.” – Pablo Neruda

Happy May everyone – hope this newsletter finds you in good health, good spirits, and good company! I’ve been having so much fun with the newsletters lately because it really feels like the OneSpirit community is full of life and energy right now! There is so much to share, so many fun tidbits, stories, opportunities, offerings… It’s almost time for Ordination as well – for all those interested, stay tuned and keep your excitement up! We’ll be providing more details soon about the OneSpirit Ordination & Graduation Ceremony of 2024. Ordination will be held on July 20th ~ more details to follow…

If you haven’t heard, our one-of-a-kind Head of Finance & Operations, Abi Aiyegbayo, has stepped down. She hasn’t fully left us, as she’ll still be in the background offering support and her talents here and there, but she will no longer be in the same role she was in before, available in the same capacity. Abi has brought more to OneSpirit than one could really measure – to know Abi is to love her and to have a strong sense that you’re privileged to work with her. Abi, we’re thankful for all that you’ve done, all you do, and all you will do in the future. You are a bright light for OneSpirit, and we will always be grateful to have you as part of our family! As we reimagined our dear Abi’s role and sought out what was really needed to continue the growth of our team and organization, we dreamt up two new roles, in an effort to fill the Abi-sized hole. So, what was needed? A Community Development Lead & an Operations Manager. And now we have just that – two new brilliant people have joined our Operations Team.

The lovely Lavinia has come aboard as our Community Development Lead – a role that was created with you all in mind. We wanted to be able to properly dedicate time, effort, and love to this community, because we know without it, we aren’t really ‘OneSpirit’. Lavinia joins us with such a bright personality and is already filling our team meetings with renewed energy. But, enough from me! Here is Lavinia… 

“From London to Jamaica to Liverpool and many flights in between, Lavinia has always been passionate about community building and the many forms this can take. Her goal is to empower individuals to recognise and harness their power and influence within their community spaces. Within her local community, she functions as a project manager, consultant, and support for local organisations on initiatives that focus on area regeneration, social justice, and empowering individuals to take ownership of their community’s transformation. Alongside her role at OneSpirit, Lavinia is actively engaged in community projects with a focus on mental health and emotional well-being. She’s committed to creating inclusive, diverse environments that not only speak to but actively support their members. She believes in building communities where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Additionally, as a Hypnotherapist and Healing Practitioner, she works with people one-on-one and in groups to support their healing journeys through generational and intergenerational trauma. When not working, Lavinia enjoys watching Star Trek, reading Sci-Fi, and being defeated in rock paper scissors by her son.”

And our dear Kim, who joins us as the new Operations Manager! Kim brings a wealth of experience in administration, governance, and human resources within the charity sector, and is really just a skilled and kind human overall. A little bit about Kim…

Kim has been an operations manager working in charities and not-for-profits for over 15 years. A passion for easeful and supportive processes and procedures is underpinned by her ability to problem solve and hold space, with a way of seeing under the tangles and layers to the heart of the sticky matters. Having grown up in South Africa she wonders and feels deeply into what divides and separates people from each other, the other than the human world and the earth and what are the pathways back into connection. These wonderings have led her to the way of the council, grief tending and transformative justice spaces, learning and facilitation. Kim is also an avid reader, practicer of Ashtanga yoga, dancer in her living room, carrot cake maker, succulent enthusiast, mountain hiker, aunty, barefoot walker, wild swimmer and potter.

As always, we’re thrilled to have you with us and hope you enjoy reading the newsletter. If any questions arise for you, send us a message – we are here to help. 

Do you have an offering for our community? Have you recently published a book? Want to simply say hello? Drop an email below!

OneSpirit’s Professional & Personal Development Offerings

OneSpirit’s Ministry Training Programme is Currently Open for Enrolment…

We are delighted to announce the opening of enrolment for our esteemed online Spiritual Development and Ministry Training programme! With over 25 years of pioneering education in the realm of spirituality, our programme is crafted to expand your awareness, nurture compassion, and connect you deeply with our global community. This unique journey is for those drawn by a deep, intrinsic calling towards spiritual growth and ministry. It’s more than just information; it’s about a profound personal transformation sparked by the readiness to explore or deepen one’s spiritual quest. Our curriculum is vibrant, flexible, and grounded in real-world experiences, designed to evolve with you and the dynamic spiritual landscape.

Our approach transcends conventional education, fostering a vibrant exchange between tutors and students, making the learning experience truly alive and personalised. Central to our two-year interfaith ministry programme is the integration of six interconnected study areas, reflecting the evolving nature of our world and the diversity within our community. As a charity, we are intrinsically linked to our students, drawing life and purpose from their journey with us. While we offer detailed information online, we believe the true essence of our programme is best felt through the experiences shared by our past students. We encourage you to explore these narratives as they embody the spirit and impact of our training, helping you feel if our path aligns with yours. For more, visit OneSpirit’s Ministry Training Overview. Enrolment is open until 30th September, with the two-year training commencing in October. We welcome you with open arms, should you wish to be a part of the ‘Spirit‘ that makes us ‘One.’

“What’s been so very surprising for me is how deeply the training has confronted me on emotional level so far. My own grief has surfaced. One from the changes my work injury has caused in me. But two, unexpected unresolved grief of a life. Years and years of healing work and deep self enquiry had not prepared me for how deep this trying is. I believe it is incredibly well designed to help us clear out unresolved trauma in ourselves to be able to be there in more ways for ourselves and others.” – Heather, Current Student

“It has made me more reflective and contemplative about the effect I have on the world and the effect the world has on me. It feels like a very solemn and sacred commitment and I am interested to see where the journey will take me. I do find it challenging as it brings up internal conflicts that I would prefer to leave alone but I can also sense that I am growing positively through examining these internal struggles.” – Caroline, Current Student

“I felt called to. I feel strongly that people from my intersecting communities deserve to feel welcome and connected and accompanied in exploring what faith can be for them. I am autistic, trans, queer and highly creative, from an academic, scientifically-minded background, with my spiritual experiences woven through time spent in Buddhist, shamanic and mystical Christian traditions. The idea of Interfaith ministry appealed to me as a way to help me figure out what an alternative ministry, that is open to learning and connecting with multiple faith paths and cultures, might look like.” – Ben, Current Student

Curious about our organisation? Join us for a free Intro Day! 

Are you captivated by the spiritual allure of the Birch Pathway? Yearning for an exploration into a world of digital learning filled with connection and enlightenment? We warmly invite you to dive into our free Intro Days — your gateway to a community bursting with vibrancy and transformative insights! These days aren’t just informative; they’re a celebration of unity, curiosity, and the thrill of discovery, as we virtually unfold the essence of our training programme. This year, we have an exciting line-up of 5 more Intro Days held via Zoom from May to September, thoughtfully arranged across both Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings to fit your schedule seamlessly.

We’re embracing a more intimate, personalised touch to our Intro Days. Under the guidance of Annie Heppenstall, our cherished Birch Pathway Tutor, each session becomes an interactive adventure where you can openly discuss your spiritual explorations, connect deeply with fellow seekers, and nurture the beginnings of lifelong friendships on this soul-enriching path.

Mark your calendars and prepare to be swept up in the uplifting world of our Intro Days:

  • Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 18:00 – 20:30
  • Saturday, 22 June 2024, 10:00 – 12:30
  • Tuesday, 16 July 2024, 18:00 – 20:30
  • Saturday, 3 August 2024, 10:00 – 12:30
  • Tuesday, 10 September 2024, 18:00 – 20:30

Attending is free, with no obligation to apply. We’re simply eager to welcome you, share the enchantments of the Birch Pathway, and celebrate the start of what could be an unforgettable spiritual adventure. You do not need to attend an Intro Day to apply for our training, however, it is definitely encouraged as it is your chance to meet us and have your questions answered before applying! 

Head over to our Intro Days to book your place! 

Embark on a Profound Journey of Peace and Activism…

There is still time to join us for an extraordinary 5-week online exploration, guided by the inspiring tutor, Sarah MacDonald. Sarah invites you to delve into the transformative power of living non-violence! This course offers an immersive experience into the heart of non-violence and sacred activism, empowering you to foster lasting change within and around you. Under Sarah’s expert guidance, you’ll journey through the “Coat of Hopes” ethos— a testament to collective prayer, pilgrimage, and eco-activism. Discover the layers of violence embedded in our existence, unravel the promise of non-violence as sacred activism, and emerge with actionable insights to embody peace and advocacy in your daily life.

Course Highlights:

  • Guidance by Sarah MacDonald: Engage with Sarah’s unique synthesis of ecological concern and spiritual activism. Benefit from her depth of knowledge and accessible teaching style, creating a nurturing environment for growth and learning.
  • Exploration of Non-Violence: Investigate the challenging facets of non-violence, pushing the edges of traditional notions, inspired by Sarah’s dedication to climate activism and her innovative approach to peace.

Why This Course?

  • Innovative Learning: Beyond theoretical knowledge, experience a dynamic learning journey that integrates spirituality with ecological awareness, inspired by Sarah’s hands-on activism.
  • Community of Change-Makers: Join a community committed to making a difference, underpinned by Sarah’s vision of collective action and shared hope.
  • Engagement with Critical Themes: Delve into urgent issues of our time, including the sustainability of our planet, through the lens of faith and activism.

Course Details:

  • Dates: May 4, 11, 18, 25, and June 1, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Course Investment: £32 for ROSIM members and OneSpirit students; £40 for non-members.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to be part of a movement for peace and ecological healing, guided by Sarah’s visionary leadership in sacred activism. Reserve your spot today and step into a journey that promises not just learning, but a life-changing experience.

Learn more here, or enrol now to embark on your journey towards a more peaceful, non-violent existence.

June’s Anti-Racism Reading Group Invitation

An offering from Sarah MacDonald… The biggest step for me in approaching the Sacred Work of Anti-Racism was to realise that it applies to me at all. It was so easy for me, as a nice liberal white person, to think “I don’t hold racist views: I did that two-day Equal Opportunities training at work fifteen years ago and I read the Guardian. Job done.” It was a shock – a really horrible shock – to realise that actually, I do hold racist views. Not consciously of course. But I grew up, and you grew up and we all grew up, more or less, in a stew of racist ideology and practice that taught us from a very young indeed that being white is better than being black. And those ideas and tropes that I absorbed growing up in the 1970s are still there, lurking. And they still do harm. They harm me because the unconscious conditioned belief that “white is better” collaborates with the ego belief that “I am separate” and if I am separate I had better be better, or I might not be anything. In this way, my internalised racism wounds my soul. And they harm you, if you are racialised as black, because while I remain unconscious of the racism lurking within me, I don’t notice as it slips out, like a hidden knife, and wounds you. But you notice. And I don’t notice how holding myself better and separate I cut myself off from you, and in doing so, I cut myself off from God. And if you are racialised as white, my unconscious racism reinforces yours and allows us both to go on causing mayhem while pretending it has nothing to do with us.  

The terrible realisation that racism lives and thrives within me and that it causes me to cause real harm to you is a constant motivator. It demands that I take action to excavate the monster within me and to cut off all its tentacles in the world. The Anti-Racism Reading Group is one small way to keep on excavating. It helps us keep on searching out those slimy conditioned beliefs and unconscious assumptions and bringing them up to be spoken and shared, to be wept over and laughed at and to shrivel up, like vampires at dawn, in the power of Conscious awareness.

Our next meeting will be at 10:15 am on Thursday 6th June. 

It’s an opportunity to engage with anti-racism as a lifelong spiritual practice. All are welcome. Read more here…

OneSpirit’s Supervisor Corner

Welcome to the new Supervision Corner in iConnect!

Each month ministers who are part of the Supervisors Group will offer a short article about some aspect of supervision. To begin with, we simply wanted to say hello and write a little about when supervision is relevant and who it is for. The short answer is that supervision is for all of us working as ministers.

You can bring for supervision anything which impacts your ability to work with love and clarity. So whether you work in spiritual counselling/accompaniment or with ceremony, chaplaincy or activism, quietly and contemplatively or very publicly, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you feel able to work safely and well, knowing that someone (your supervisor) has your back. This is a place of support not judgement, as much for unravelling muddles as it is for cheering successes. You don’t need to have supervision with someone from this group – there are many good, qualified supervisors out there – but if you would like to check us out, please go to the supervisors page on the website here.

Love from the OneSpirit Supervisors Group.

OneSpirit’s Community Offerings + Announcements

*most sections below are ‘clickable’ links, meaning, if you click anywhere within the text or image, it will take you to a page where you can learn more! 

A Journey to Meaningful Engagement: Rethinking Our Approach at OneSpirit

In my latest heartfelt blog post, I (Kailee, the Communications & Marketing Lead at OneSpirit), delve into a profound transformation both within our organization and myself. From the moment I stepped into my role, I sensed a tension between my duties in marketing and the communal ethos at the heart of OneSpirit. This dissonance sparked a period of deep reflection on how we could realign our actions with the core values that define us. To me, ‘marketing‘ started to feel overly transactional, a notion that clashed with the pure essence of what OneSpirit stands for. After considerable thought, we landed on ‘engagement‘ as a term that not only resonated with me on a personal level but seemed to echo the open invitation we wanted to extend for genuine connection, active participation, and meaningful relationship-building. This shift was about moving beyond the passive consumption of what we offer, aiming instead to cultivate mutual understanding, learning, and growth among all members of our community. Changing our focus from marketing to engagement marked a critical turning point in the philosophy that guides OneSpirit’s operations. This was about adopting a more intentional, mindful, and heart-centered approach, where our primary goal is to forge meaningful connections, not just conduct transactions. This new perspective was underscored by my realization of the paramount importance of connections over sales, affirming the belief that it is authentic engagement and relationships that propel our organization forward and fulfill its mission. I also introduced the idea of defining other significant terms that hold special meaning within the OneSpirit community, such as ‘Reverend,’ ‘Interfaith,’ and ‘Inclusion.’ My aim is to ensure that these terms are understood in the unique context of what they represent to us at OneSpirit. My blog post, or letter to you rather, serves as an invitation to both our OneSpirit family and the wider community to join us on this transformative journey. It’s a call to embrace the spirit of engagement and connection, weaving together a diverse and unified community spirit. I close my message with a call to cherish every interaction, every shared story, and each moment of connection. Together, let’s embrace the spirit of engagement.

Read more of the letter here…

A Tapestry of Faiths: Embracing Nature through Diverse Spiritual Lenses

As spring dawns, OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation honours the connection between spirituality and nature, a theme deeply rooted in varied religious beliefs, inspiring stewardship and responsibility. We thought we’d take you on a journey to see how different paths appreciate and view nature… Indigenous traditions treat the Earth as a sacred centre, venerating it through ceremonies that encourage guardianship. Shamanic cultures emphasize the spiritual interconnectedness of all life, urging balance and healing within the Earth. Hinduism invokes reverence for nature, interpreting Dharma and Ahimsa as calls to environmental conservation. Buddhism’s belief in interdependence fosters compassion for all beings, while Christianity views humans as careful stewards of Earth, a divine gift. Islam’s concept of Khalifa promotes sustainable living as a form of respect and harmony with creation. Judaism teaches that the world is a divine trust, with Tikkun Olam exhorting followers to maintain nature’s balance. Sikhism sees the Divine light in every being, advocating environmental preservation as a moral duty. Pagan beliefs celebrate the spirituality in nature’s cycles, while Confucianism and Shintō emphasize balance and harmony with the natural world. Humanism upholds a strong ethical responsibility towards the Earth, supported by reason and science. The Bahá’í faith stresses unity and conservation, highlighting the interconnectedness of all life and advocating equitable use of resources. These diverse perspectives converge on a common call for environmental guardianship. Together, these paths encourage the adoption of sustainable practices and environmental advocacy, uniting to make a better future for our planet.

Read the entire post here…

Discover a New Horizon with ROSIM

Have you ever wondered about the guiding lights behind interfaith ministry? Welcome to the vibrant world of the Register of OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers (ROSIM) — a haven for accredited OneSpirit graduate ministers upheld by OneSpirit’s dedicated support. ROSIM has blossomed with a clear vision: to forge a powerful, unified professional register that echoes its members’ aspirations. 

Here’s only a small piece of what sets us apart:

  • Personal Profile: Elevate your online presence with a dedicated profile on our website, not just placing you in a prominent spot within our vibrant community, but also amplifying your reach. When someone searches for you, they’ll find a welcoming and detailed profile on our site, letting the world discover more about who you are and the transformative services you offer.
  • Spotlight Features: Revel in the spotlight with our dedicated ‘Minister Spotlight’ page, which shines a light on your unique contributions across our website, newsletter, and social media platforms. We’re all about showcasing the work of our beloved minister community!
  • Unwavering Support: Get access to our complaints process and insurance safeguards. This initiative ensures that your concerns are addressed promptly and effectively, while also providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re fully protected under our insurance policies.
  • Accreditation & Recognition: Proudly display your ROSIM status. You’re joining a register with over 300 individuals who are dedicated to amplifying interfaith ministry and positively impacting the world!
  • Event & Services Promotion: Our iConnect newsletter isn’t just any publication — it’s your premier platform to feature your events and services. This monthly newsletter, prominently displayed on our website, serves as a direct channel to our vast audience, ensuring your offerings gain the visibility they deserve.
  • Enhanced Learning Opportunities: Take advantage of discounted rates for Continued Personal & Professional Development (CPPD) and gain access to a broad spectrum of knowledgeable tutors, esteemed guest speakers, and skilled facilitators. Our curriculum is continually updated to include a diverse range of learning experiences!
  • Inspirational Network: Immerse yourself in a community that’s not only diverse and welcoming but also rich in support, inspiration, and empowerment. As we navigate our journey to find our unique place in the world, our collective goal remains to make a meaningful, positive impact on everyone we encounter. If this vision resonates with you… we welcome you to join us!

Our monthly newsletter serves as an exclusive stage for ROSIM members to highlight their events, services, and offerings. Yet, there are moments when a graduate OneSpirit Minister brings forth an opportunity so compelling and beneficial for our community that it demands to be shared — therefore, we make an exception to feature it. Below you’ll find an offering that, while not from a ROSIM member, originates from a OneSpirit Graduate Minister. We’ve chosen to highlight this opportunity as we’re confident it will bring significant value to our community!

Learn more about the ROSIM community here… 

The Men’s Rites of Passage

The Men’s Rites of Passage is a 5-day life-changing programme for men which has been undertaken by over 5000 men across the world. This is not about religion but about spirituality. About age-old traditions that guide men into manhood. About coming to trust that there is something greater at work in your life than you could ever imagine. The Men’s Rites of Passage are suitable for all who identify as men, of all colour, age, sexuality, ethnicity and faith tradition or no faith.

The 2024 event will take place from 24th – 28th July near Perth in Scotland.

Apply now, arrange a call to learn more, or read more information on the website: https://www.malejourney.org.uk/rites/mrop

This opportunity comes from OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, Geoff Taggart, who is co-leading the retreat. 

Celebrating Beltane: A Journey Through Time & Tradition

Beltane is one of the four primary Gaelic seasonal festivals, alongside Samhain, Imbolc, and Lughnasadh, and embodies the joyful reunion of communities in anticipation of the warmer, fruitful months ahead. This festival is an ode to the reawakening of the land’s fertility, marked by the ritual roaming of livestock to fresh pastures — a nod to the abundant life force pulsing through nature during this period. The term ‘Beltane’ itself, translating to ‘bright fire’, encapsulates the festival’s soul — the Beltane bonfire. This elemental ritual, embodying purification and healing, links us to our ancestors who saw fire as a spiritual cleanser and protector. Villagers lept over the bonfire and guided their cattle between bonfires, a practice aimed at safeguarding and purifying before the ‘pests’ of summer could take root. Central to the observance was the lighting of a new neid fire, with each household’s hearth relit in communal solidarity, weaving a tangible connection among the community through the sacred flames.

Read more here…

Honouring Togetherness on International Day of Living Together in Peace

The 16th of May commemorates the International Day of Living Together in Peace, a day OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation deeply resonates with. This day stands as a symbol of unity, a reminder of shared humanity and a rallying call to foster harmony. Peace begins within each individual and then radiates outwards, filling the spaces of interaction and developing within communities, ultimately creating a vibrant collage of diverse cultures bonded by love. Peace is not a static concept; it is a living endeavour that calls for nurturing, patience, and most importantly, dialogue. Interfaith ministry fundamentally involves dialogue, cultivating the practice of listening and honouring the myriad voices that make up our global society. As stories of faith and journeys are shared, common grounds emerge beneath the wealth of diversity. Each person’s unique story and individual faith journey contribute to the mosaic of peaceful coexistence that makes up the OneSpirit community. On this International Day of Living Together in Peace, we extend an invitation to recognise the richness of diversity, engage in acts of kindness, build bridges of understanding, and meditate on internal and external peace. Through such acts, we can continue to assert that peace is achievable, crucial and our collective path forward.

Read more from our blog post here…

Redefining Interfaith: A Call for Inclusive Spiritual Tolerance

In a leap towards enriching our modern understanding of spirituality, OneSpirit’s blog post presents a refreshing perspective – redefining interfaith to be holistic and more inclusive! Gone are the days when interfaith was considered merely as the intersection of traditional religions. This enlightened perspective celebrates spirituality in all its forms, extending beyond the realm of conventional religious expressions. In a world that can often feel divisive, OneSpirit’s vision is one of unity and recognition, honouring the myriad spiritual experiences that foster our shared human connections. Through these expansive conversations, we are awakened to each other’s spiritual truths, forming a compassionate, loving community that offers a sense of belonging to every spiritual seeker. Eager to immerse yourself in inclusive spiritual conversations that enrich our collective wisdom? Let’s redefine interfaith together, embracing the beautiful diversity of our spiritual journeys.

Dive into the post here… 

Come & Meet the OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers through the Month of Ministry!

In February 2024, the OneSpirit community embarks on a ground-breaking embrace of spirituality and connection through the #MonthOfMinistry. Conceived by Rev Jo Royle and Rev Sass Adams, this initiative invites interfaith ministers and students to share their diverse journeys, practices, and insights into their profound work. This event not only celebrates the multitude of spiritual expressions but also fosters a deep sense of community amongst those dedicated to guiding others across the globe, regardless of their faith or belief systems. Interfaith Ministers, skilled in bridging the gap between diverse beliefs, extend their services from the UK to the far reaches of the globe. They advocate for a spirituality that transcends boundaries, aiming to nurture connections at the deepest levels—not only amongst people but with the entirety of the living world. Juanna Grace Ladaga shares her enthusiasm: “Posting publicly is a threshold for me to cross… but I’m reaching out, connecting and opening in Imbolc fashion, trusting, bold and full of hope… HELLO world.” While Chris Booth reflects on the essence of being an Interfaith Minister: “We’re all very different, and our spiritual practice, and what we do that we call ‘ministry’ covers a very wide range. What we have in common, I think, is a motivation to look for and nurture that which fosters connection at the deepest level.” Monica Douglas speaks to her relationship with ceremony and ritual, viewing them as pivotal for well-being and personal growth, “Ceremonies…are essential for our health and well-being.” Leti Hawthorn shares a moment of poetic reflection on the divine, reinforcing the grounded and profoundly personal nature of faith among these ministers, “Yes I believe in God, and sometimes I need a tangible sense of divine love…” Lastly, Aine Moloney hints at the transformational journey from being a celebrant to an interfaith minister, underscoring a life devoted to service, “What’s different? The layers of enquiry and wisdom I carry from my training, and the fact that my life is consciously lived as an opportunity for service.”

The Month of Ministry is not merely an event but a manifest declaration of unity, diversity, and shared humanity. It is a beacon for those seeking to connect, serve, and explore the vast landscape of human spirituality. Through their voices, we glimpse the radiant diversity and profoundly touching essence of what it means to guide, celebrate, and honour the spiritual journey in its myriad forms.

Visit the Month of Ministry page to explore individual posts from each participating minister. You’ll also find additional information if you’re interested in collaborating with them!

Sarah MacDonald Supervisor Spotlight

What year were you ordained? 2010

What inspired you to pursue training with OneSpirit? After many years of quite intense practice in Qigong and Meditation, I felt a strong connection with spirit but struggled to bring that understanding into the world and to communicate a sense of Spirit. One Spirit Interfaith training was the gateway for me to be able to integrate my spiritual life with my life in the world.

How can clients get in touch with you? Email me here or contact me via my website – exploringspirit.co.uk

How do you put your personal ministry into practice? Long before I ever heard of One Spirit, I yearned for what I thought of as “an integrated life”, where every element of my being pulled together – work supporting home supporting hobbies supporting values supporting relationships supporting work. 35 years down the line, Ministry is my container for an integrated life. How it looks outwardly changes over time. Just now my ministry is most active in my work with The Coat of Hopes, in anti-racism work and in my teaching practice as a Group Tutor on the OneSpirit faculty team.

Why do you believe supervision plays an essential role in developing and deepening a minister’s practices? Supervision is essential for anyone who works deeply with anyone else, to help us untangle the threads of “me” and “you”, and to help us feel the pain and the love within any deep encounter. For Ministers, it is especially important in addition to keeping our work in the context of spiritual practice and related to a spiritual path. This path can be narrow and steep and slippery. And it can branch and wander. The mist can come down. We can find ourselves turned around or at a cliff edge. A good Supervisor, with their own embodied spiritual practice, can help us along this path, either because they are a few steps ahead, waiting at the next bend, able to point out pitfalls and handholds to help you along, or because you are there together in the mist, sharing everything you each already know to help you, the supervisee, to take the next right step.

Read more from Sarah here & meet all of our Accredited Supervisors here. 

Have you seen our recent posts on social media over the past month?

A reminder about our community feature — Minister Spotlights! It’s hard for me to find specific ministers to spotlight each month, due to the size of our minister community. To make things smoother, I’ve created a form you can fill out for your profile. This form includes five essentials and eight optional questions to inspire you while creating your spotlight. Depending on participation, I’ll publish one or two spotlights each month. This is a fantastic chance to broadcast your talent, services, and distinctiveness to our wider community. The spotlight form will be available in every iConnect. There is also now a special page for Minister Spotlights… meaning, if you partake now, you’ll be one of the first to be showcased! Ready to participate? Just fill out the form below.

Our website features spaces for fostering connections and uniting community members. The Community Collection page is specially reserved for users to submit their posts. Every submission, be it a book, resource guide, diary entry, song, podcast, or nuggets of wisdom through Instagram, contributes to the collective wisdom available to all. This collective endeavour is especially significant for the ministers and students in our community. Their shared resources or inspiring elements can serve as guiding stars for those in the early days of their spiritual journey, or those who are just needing some inspiration wherever they are. Each piece of wisdom shared stands as a testament that no one is alone in their spiritual voyage. We invite you to submit contributions through the form below! 

Welcome to our Supervisors Form, designed to showcase your unique voice. As a supervisor, your experience is precious and we aim to share it. In the form, share stories, insights, and services. Complete as much as you wish, no field is mandatory, aside from basic information. If something is missing, add it! This form should be used to highlight you uniquely – complete it in a way that showcases you how you wish to be showcased. We’ll create a spotlight on you and your distinct services, akin to a supervisor’s page on our past site. Visitors will click your name, and access a dedicated page to learn about your contributions. What’s more, you will have a dual profile – one as a minister and one providing deeper insights into your role as a supervisor. We want it to be easy for our students and ministers to find you.

Awareness, Religious, and Spiritual Days

*These days come from the Interfaith Network, if a day is missing it is not deliberate! More can be found here.
  • 01 May Beltane – Also known as Bealtaine, is the Gaelic festival celebrating the commencement of summer. It traditionally takes place on 1st May, roughly halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. This historical festival was widely celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. The name varies between Gaelic languages, including Lá Bealtaine in Irish, Latha Bealltainn in Scottish Gaelic, and Laa Boaltinn/Boaldyn in Manx Gaelic. Beltane is one of the four primary Celtic seasonal festivals, alongside Samhain, Imbolc, and Lughnasadh, bearing similarities to the Welsh festival Calan Mai.

  • 02 May National Day of Prayer – This annual observance reminds the nation to come together to pray for its leaders and citizens for guidance through prayer. This was first established as a way for all Americans to express their faith, regardless of their religion. It’s been celebrated since 1952.

  • 03 May World Press Freedom Day

  • 05 May World Portuguese Language Day 

  • 08 May Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives During the Second World War

  • 09 May – Ascension Day This is precisely 40 days after Easter when Christians believe that Jesus ascended to Heaven.

  • 11 May World Migratory Bird Day

  • 12 May International Day of Plant Health

  • 15 May International Day of Families 

  • 16 May International Day of Living Together in Peace  and International Day of Light

  • 17 May World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

  • 17 May International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia – Established to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ rights violations and stimulate interest in LGBTQ+ rights work worldwide. This day emphasises the need for acceptance and equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • 20 May World Bee Day

  • 21 May International Tea Day

  • 21 May World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

  • 22 May International Day for Biological Diversity

  • 23 May Vesak, the Day of the Full Moon

  • 25-31 May Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories

  • 31 May World No-Tobacco Day

“If it is your nature to be happy, you will swim away along the soft trails for hours, your imagination alighting everywhere.” - Morning, Mary Oliver
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