Hilary Franklin

  • Based In: Southwest England
  • Also Serving: Southwest England
  • Services: Baby blessings/Namings, Ceremonies & Rituals, Funerals/Memorials, Health/Healing/Wellness, Rites of Passage, Spiritual Counselling / Accompaniment
  • Ordained In: 2012

Hilary Franklin

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I’m a Minister of Love at heart. I deeply connect with everything around me, from people to nature and all in between. By embracing the love within, I’ve learned to recognise that same love in others. In my professional community, many see me as an Elder—a voice of wisdom. My life’s work has been about shedding constraints, discovering my true self, and guiding others to do the same. What I cherish most is helping others express their true selves, crafting genuine moments that bind us, celebrating our collective journey, and honouring our roots while we look to the future.

What made you decide to study with OneSpirit? I believe that in a world where many sense a disconnect from their spiritual essence, there are paths that light the way back. OneSpirit emerged as that beacon for me. They provided the platform to further my dream of a world deeply connected to its Source. Embracing their ethos was a reflection of my commitment to celebrating life’s milestones authentically, making my association with them a pivotal chapter in my quest for personal transformation.

What is the best thing about being an ordained interfaith minister? The beauty of my role lies in its commitment to diversity and authenticity. It empowers me to honour all faiths, as well as those who choose none, ensuring everyone feels seen and valued. At its core, my ministry is about deep listening – tuning into the unique desires of individuals and communities and crafting ceremonies that truly resonate with their identities and aspirations.

How do you put your ministry into practice? At the heart of my ministry now is authenticity.  Every ceremony is meticulously tailored, resonating with the individual’s understanding, truths, and values. Far from being mere rituals, my ceremonies are reflections of family beliefs and traditions. Through my work, I bridge the chasm between the innate human longing for connection and the euphoria of truly experiencing it.

What inspires you about your work? Human beings, in all their intricate beauty and complexity, are my muse. Whether in moments of jubilation or during the sombre times marked by sorrow or tragedy, my purpose is to stand alongside them, offering support, understanding, and a space to express their deepest emotions.

What sets your ministry apart from others? In a world where ceremonies often follow templates, I offer a canvas of vibrant colours of individuality and family stories. While many stick to traditional outlines, my approach dives deeper, ensuring each ceremony becomes a genuine reflection of the heart it celebrates. For those who yearn for their narratives to be genuinely heard and cherished, I am here, ready to co-create ceremonies that resonate with you personally.

Hilary was ordained in 2012. Based in Devizes, Wiltshire, she is blessed with a loving marriage, four adult children, and four grandchildren. Hilary predominantly serves in Wiltshire and Somerset. Wiltshire and Somerset.– ‘Where Every Story Echoes with Love.’


  1. It can be hard to choose the right person to conduct a funeral. When Mum died, dad said he didn\’t want a religious service and yet Mum told me, the day before that she believed she would go to heaven. I knew immediately therefore that Hilary was the right person to be Mum\’s celebrant. Hilary conducted the service having worked closely with us to find the right loving and kind words and music, to honour Mum\’s life and the feelings of family and friends. She was professional in her structuring of the funeral while being both empathetic and respectful of everyone\’s beliefs. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. Thankyou Hilary.

  2. Ten years ago my younger daughter died. She had breast cancer. I did not want a stranger holding my daughter\’s funeral service, so reached out to Hilary, both a friend and an interfaith minister. We arrived early to decorate the chapel with flowers and my daughter\’s paintings. How special and personalised the service was- all thanks to Hilary.

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