Marie O’Neill

  • Based In: Central & Southern Scotland
  • Also Serving: Central & Southern Scotland
  • Services: Accredited OneSpirit Supervisor, Ceremonies & Rituals, Coaching, Consulting, Legal Weddings in Scotland, Spiritual Counselling/Accompaniment, Supervision, Workshop/Retreat Facilitator

Marie O’Neill

I am a fully qualified holistic counsellor and supervisor, mindfulness teacher and spiritual facilitator offering 1:1 therapy, weekly classes, and workshops in Edinburgh and Online.

I have a postgraduate qualification in counselling and psychotherapy from the University of Edinburgh and over 15 years of experience working in the mental health and social care sector. My clinical training is founded on the psychodynamic model, which is the understanding that our past experiences and relationships shape our personality and sense of self. This is underpinned by the principles of the person-centred approach – the awareness that each person has the ability to find their own way if provided with the correct conditions.

I also work with mindfulness, meditation and body connection as tools for going beyond the surface level and accessing the innermost parts of ourselves, to find a deeper sense of truth and meaning. I have studied the world’s different faith paths and was ordained in 2013. I have also completed a one-year training program in Compassionate Inquiry with Canadian trauma expert Dr Gabor Mate, which has been deeply enriching to my practice.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I am here to provide you with a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a compassionate way that honours your truth. I believe in unity through diversity and am committed to social justice, equality and inclusion.

I’m a COSCA-accredited clinical supervisor and offer 121 as well as group supervision in person and online.

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