Year of ordination/graduation: 2022

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Current Exec Director of OSMIC, living in Portsmouth.

What inspired you to pursue training with OneSpirit? I have always been fascinated by religions, I think in part as a seeker trying to understand myself and my place in the world. I first met a Onespirit minister in 2002/2003 as an undergraduate studying Religious Studies. I have no memory of their name, or of the conversation we had, but I knew from that moment that this was my path (to the mystery minister who guest lectured at Lampeter University in the early 2000s – thank you!). The journey to ordination took 20 years, taking me through academia, teaching RE, and volunteering for various faith groups before I felt ‘ready’ to truly listen to Spirit…

What services do you provide? Whilst I have written ceremonies since ordination, it seems my ministry has taken a bit of a left turn from what I expected and is now about supporting people within their spiritual/wellness businesses. This has looked like helping with authentic business plans, websites, social media and marketing, graphic design, IT support etc. One of my clients playfully dubbed me the “digital gremlin tamer!”

What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of being an ordained interfaith minister? Seeing myself for who I really am, being able to see – after all these years – beautiful possibilities.

How do you put your personal ministry into practice? I describe it as “practical spirituality”– meaning: making, creativity, and movement within everyday ‘mundane’ life.

Where do you see your ministry taking you in the future? I have no plans – my vow is to surrender 🙂

How do you personally interpret the words “interfaith” or “interfaith minister?” This video Also, I see interfaith being the golden thread that weaves throughout all religions and cultures.

What inspires you to do this work? My clients – working with these wonderful people, sitting alongside them in their own journey, brings me joy and complete fulfilment.

What aspects of your work do you find the most inspiring, rewarding, etc.? By supporting other people in their own service (whether or not they consider it a ministry of their own), I feel like I am a part of a much wider movement. Together we are adding ripples to the tidal wave of love!

What sets your ministry apart from others? I see my ministry as supporting others rather than being apart from them. My ministry is to help raise the voice of others, working together.

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