April’s Anti-Racism Reading Group Invitation
Join us for a profound Zoom session on Monday, 15th April, from 7:15 - 8:45, hosted by Sarah MacDonald, as we delve into the crucial and ongoing journey of anti-racism. This session, integral to the OneSpirit community, is designed to foster a supportive environment where ministers and students can explore, understand, and challenge the pervasive issues of racism. The upcoming meeting focuses on the deep-seated impact of racism on our spiritual connections, communal relationships, and highest aspirations, emphasising a trauma-informed approach to undoing systemic racism.
Anti Racism Reading Group Notes
In their gathering on 12th February 2024, the Anti-Racism Reading Group led by Chloe Greenwood, Una Devine, Sarah MacDonald, and Sue Cockerill met to confront and address their embedded racist patterns. The group sought to use self-awareness tools to understand how societal racism influenced their views subconsciously. They aimed to uncover, understand, and overcome their own internal barriers of racism, enhancing their connection with themselves, the divine and each other.
Interfaith Dialogue and its Role in Cultivating Peace and Spiritual Enrichment
Explore the power of interfaith dialogue in nurturing peace, unity, and spiritual growth. Delve into the importance of engaging in diverse faith conversations and learn practical tips for meaningful exchanges. Embark on a journey to uncover common ground, promote harmony, and broaden your spiritual horizons while celebrating interconnectedness and understanding.
Mindfulness – A Path to Inner Peace and Spirituality
In this blog, we delve into the fascinating world of mindfulness, its profound implications on our mental well-being and its intrinsic connection to spirituality. The post demystifies what mindfulness entails, its significance in today's fast-paced life, and how it beautifully intertwines with spirituality. Further, it lays down a few methodologies to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life. This article serves as an invitation to embark on a journey of self-awareness, inner peace and spiritual enlightenment through the powerful tool of mindfulness.

Demystifying Interfaith: Moving Forward

Discover the broad essence of interfaith with OneSpirit: A welcoming dialogue beyond religions, embracing all spiritualities and secular ideologies. Join us on a journey of respect and understanding for every path.

Redefining Interfaith: Holistically and Inclusively

We redefine interfaith to be more inclusive, embracing diverse spiritual experiences beyond traditional religions. We honour individual spirituality, aiming for a compassionate community that celebrates spiritual diversity.

Introducing Annie: the Birch Pathway Tutor

Meet Annie, an integral part of the OneSpirit team, advocating an inter-spiritual journey enriched by her profound respect for all faiths, love for nature, and dedication to community through her role as ‘garden chaplain’.

Earth Day 2024

Celebrating Earth Day: OneSpirit explores environmental stewardship within spiritual practices. Encourages members to engage in earth-centric activities, fostering unity and sustainability, doing our part one step at a time.

OneSpirit on InterFaith Network Closure

The Inter Faith Network (IFN) in the UK, established in 1987 for interfaith understanding and cooperation, is closing due to financial challenges, despite support. OneSpirit reflects on the impact and calls for action to
continue IFN’s legacy.

Resourcing from Myth…

OneSpirit Minister & Tutor Tim Ralphs presents an exploration of the power of myths and storytelling. It shares a poignant story of a man connecting his grief to a mythic tale. The post discusses the timeless impact of myths, their potential therapeutic value, and self-exploration.

An Invitation: Anti-Racism Reading Group

The OneSpirit Anti-Racism Reading Group invites individuals to explore race issues in their preferred way and share insights. Participants can potentially study, for example, ‘The Colour Purple’, do embodied exercises on racial trauma, or explore Hughes and Lourdes’s works.

Anti Racism Reading Group Notes

The Anti-Racism Reading Group focuses on identifying and undoing personal racism patterns via self-reflection, acknowledging these as barriers to spiritual connections. It’s part of a deeper spiritual journey toward unity with oneself, others, and the divine.

Along the way, with the Coat of Hopes

The “Coat of Hopes” is undertaking a journey to foster conversations about climate change and ecological crises. It traces a path of non-oppositional activism, inviting participation and sharing of individual griefs, hopes, prayers, and memories for the homeland.

OneSpirit’s Community Development Lead

OneSpirit seeks a Community Development Lead passionate about weaving together its diverse community. The role focuses on building connections, fostering innovation, and driving exciting projects within the expansive
OneSpirit community.

Interfaith Dialogue and Cultivating Peace

OneSpirit fosters interfaith dialogue,
where individuals from varied faith paths
engage in rich discussions to exchange
wisdom. The aim is to deepen understanding, cultivate peace, and promote
spiritual growth.

Mindfulness: A Pathway to Inner Peace

Mindfulness is spotlighted by OneSpirit as a doorway to inner peace and heightened spirituality. Emphasising its roots in Eastern traditions, it serves as a remedy to modern life’s chaos, supporting anyone’s spiritual
exploration towards serenity.

This is how it starts, This is how it ends

A reflective account touches on a childhood in 1950s Manchester, exploring evolving perceptions of race. Through personal anecdotes, it delves into racial innocence, curiosity, and the cultural fabric of a white-dominated community encountering diversity.

International Day of Education 2024

OneSpirit celebrates International Day of Education by spotlighting their Learning Design Specialist, Maddy. With a diverse background and a passion for interfaith education, she believes in the transformative power of learning and
applies this in her role.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2024

On Jan 27, OneSpirit honours International Holocaust Memorial Day, marking the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. We want to emphasise the power of remembrance for forging a compassionate world while standing united against prejudice and hatred.

Sacred Activism: Living Non-Violence

OneSpirit offers a 5-week online course promoting peaceful power and Sacred Activism. Guided by Sarah MacDonald, participants explore structures of violence, non-violence as sacred activism, inner peace, and environmental consciousness – a transformative journey.

Finding and Maintaining Your Peace

In a world marred by conflict, OneSpirit envisions a united global community upholding peace and understanding. Urging moments of introspection and kindness, they share resources for mental and spiritual solace to nurture inner peace and interconnectedness.

Crafting Connections: The ROSIM Campaign

The ROSIM campaign celebrates being recognised by HMRC as a professional body. Members can now claim subscription fees as tax-deductible, affirming ROSIM’s value and enhancing its standing among professionals. Dive into this post to learn more about ROSIM.