OneSpirit & Climate Change

OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation is part of a worldwide movement which includes and transcends religions, and involves a growing number of people who regard themselves as ‘spiritual but not formally religious’.

OneSpirit is not only in relationship with the religions, their mystical aspects, and the wider arc of spirituality, it also focuses on the oneness of all life. Engaging with all the ways in which society and culture expresses itself (eg education, health, arts, business and politics), holding a space for all people to explore their inner cognitive and emotional encounters with issues such as climate change, and facilitating action in the world that is grounded in an expansion of concern from self, to others, to all humanity, to all of creation, and beyond. Care for the planet, social justice and peace building therefore reflect action arising from evolving consciousness. Encouraging and facilitating the emotional and spiritual strength to be able to engage in this powerful work as it relates to climate change, OneSpirit reaches out to people of all faiths and none, and leaders across all parts of society, to expand awareness and enable the embodiment of authentic self-expression in responding to the environmental problems of our time.